20 Minutes (Writing 101)

The timer on the stove is set to countdown the 20 minutes while I write.  I just finished watching Dancing With the Stars and was overcome with emotion after watching Noah, a war veteran who is missing an arm from the elbow down and a leg from the knee down, dance!  I thought to myself if Noah can dance and quite well I might add, with one arm and one leg then I can blog.  It’s all a matter of setting my mind to it.

Just write about what I really feel, believe, love, enjoy anything that comes from the heart will be worthwhile not only for me the writer but also for you the reader.  So that is what I am going to employ in all that I blog about.

I checked my email earlier in the day to see if the email arrived to say what we were to write about, it did.  As I read it over and learned that we were to write for 20 minutes about whatever came to mind and to not think about it…all I thought about for the rest of the day was what would I write about!  HA!  I would clear my mind and let the thoughts go as I was curious to see how this would turn out to just free-lance and let thoughts come into my head and onto my blog.

One thing I will mention, my fingertips are very dry and cracked because I handle paper all day and use an adding machine and I have band-aids on my thumb, first finger and second finger of my right hand and it makes it quite difficult to type.  They are so sore though I cannot take the band-aids off, too painful, but I am doing a lot of backing up and correcting of my typing. UGH!

I noticed that the email came in at 8:00 pm Sunday night my time and thought, that’s odd I thought we were starting on Monday, am I behind?  So I googled GMT to see what time zone that is and it looks like perhaps WordPress, or the instructors for this course are in England, and therefore they are ahead of me time wise thus explaining why I received the email “early”.  I have already received Tuesday’s assignment, I did peek at it quickly but do not want to get ahead of myself so I don’t really remember what it is.

I think I’m going to have to put a lot of cream on my hands tonight and wear gloves to bed because it is so annoying typing with these band-aids on that I am ready to rip them off, regardless of how painful it may be to type, perhaps I have a speaker on this computer that would type the words for me…hmmm going to have to check that out!

I think that this is going to be a fun course and I do look forward to improving my writing and capturing my audience, making them laugh and inspiring them, those are some of my goals for my blog.

So my mind is starting to run out of random thoughts, which I never thought would happen, but it’s odd when you know that  you are timing yourself part of your brain is wondering how much time is left, how long have I been writing for.  I truly don’t know how long it’s been, I’m just waiting til I hear the timer go off.

Here are a few tidbits about me, I’m a very structured person, I’m organized and detailed.  I am a Comptroller for a business and work with numbers all day long.  I like everything in it’s place and there’s a place for everything.  I cannot walk by something that is askew, I have to straighten it up…OH!  There’s the timer…guess I’m done for now…that was fun!  Blog you tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading!!!


13 thoughts on “20 Minutes (Writing 101)

  1. I really liked that. I am so glad you decided not to keep it as a draft.

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  2. Great post. I love reading about other people and their habits. Curious how we are all so different. I like your clear and concise writing.

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  3. I use to have the same problem with my fingers/thumbs that you are having. My fingers and thumbs would split around my nails and tips of my fingers. I did several things which caused that not to happen anymore. First, I was using dishsoap with an Antibacterial, I stopped using soap with antibacterial in it. I started drinking water that was bottled only (there is so much chemicals in public water and bottled water filters all of that out). There is chlorine in our drinking water and I think that contributed to my cracking fingers. I stopped putting my ungloved hand in bleach water. Once I did all of these things, my fingers stopped cracking. I sure hope it helps you too!

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  4. I forgot to add: for now what you can do for those cracks in your fingers and thumbs is to put super glue on them. Let it dry. It keeps the air from hitting them and keeping them painful. They can then heal up and you can be pain free. I have used superglue for years and it never hurt me.

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    • Seriously? Hmmm I’ll have to try it, thanks for all your other suggestions I actually do all those plus I have resorted to wearing those Playtex gloves when I wash the dishes to they won’t even get wet…but the superglue that’s a new one I will try!

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    • You may be allergic to the playtex (latexs) gloves! I am. I have to use the other kind that isn’t latex. Try that. I am sure that is probably your problem.


    • Now wouldn’t that be ironic!!! Thanks for that tip, I’ll try another brand and see if that helps…

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    • Make sure they aren’t latex. I am sensitive to latex. When I used latex gloves (after I had gotten my fingers healed, they started splitting again). When I changed to non-latex, they healed up again and stayed healed. I have been a sleuth regarding these finger splittings because I suffered for so long with them.

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    • Lucky for me you are…ok no latex 🙂

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