The Death of Aunt Flo (Writing 101)

For those of you who are faint of heart or might feel that people tend to share too much personal information this may not be for you.

I heard about Aunt Flo when I was young, in my pre-teen years to be exact.  From what I had learned she seemed so mysterious, exotic and unusual to me.  She was far away so I had not yet met her but there were actually books about her.  I was told that someday we would meet and we did.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I met Aunt Flo for the first time.  She made me feel so grown up, like a woman.  From what I had heard about Aunt Flo most people didn’t like her, but I couldn’t wait to meet her.  After getting to know her for awhile I could see why people found her to be a nuisance.  She would show up at the most inopportune times, sometimes she would prevent me from enjoying myself and after being with her for a few hours I would get terrible headaches and need to lay down.

If I were to describe Aunt Flo I would say she was always in control, had terrible timing, was undependable, she was messy, irritating, outlasted her welcome and you were always happy to see her go.  However from the day we met she became my friend and we shared intimate secrets that only females share with each other.  I knew that one day she would no longer be around and no longer be my friend.  Until then, when she was late I would get so worried and concerned but eventually she would show up and everything would be fine.  We spent days and nights together, laughing, crying, sleeping, eating, it was always a roller-coaster ride with her.  My emotions were always elevated when she was around, she seemed to have that effect on everyone.

I don’t know why but whenever we were together we always craved chocolate and salty things, we would binge on them with such glee.  Sometimes our personalities would also get salty but we didn’t care, heck we even derived pleasure out of being cranky and bitchy, but then the mood would pass and we would go back to being kind to others…for alittle while.

She must of had a fear of water as she so often made me stay out of it when a swimming opportunity presented itself.  As a matter of fact most times I wouldn’t even bother putting on a bathing suit no matter how hot or how much I wanted to go swimming, I knew she would prevent it.  I just accepted it knowing that when she left I could go swimming at that time.  I gave up arguing with her about it, I never won.

I have many more memories to share about Aunt Flo including her final days.  There were close calls, touch and go scenarios, thought it was the end but it wasn’t, until finally it was.  Until then, rest in peace Aunt Flo!

9 thoughts on “The Death of Aunt Flo (Writing 101)

  1. I must say, I truly enjoyed this. I want to say even though I know all about Auntie Flo, you made it suspenseful

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    • I had not heard of Auntie Flo until my niece mentioned as we were coming up with different names for my domain site, so glad you enjoyed it, remember there are still 2 more blogs to come…we’ll reveal in the last blog…

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    • So maybe I don’t know aunt flo? and all I have are more beagle stories lol

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  2. This is such an amazing description. It made me smile. Me and Aunt Flo have never gotten on and I’m worried what Grandma Mo has in store when she leaves 😦 Looking forward to your other posts.

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    • Oh then just wait til you read what I plan to post…all my escapades with Grandma Mo…never heard of that before btw…I actually have decided to call Grandma Mo – Cinderella…I have a post coming out about that too! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!

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  3. Ha ha – just came up with Grandma Mo as I was writing. Was trying to think what the opposite to Aunt Flo would be. Looking forward to your next post 🙂

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  4. Great buildup of suspense….And Aunt Flo whether we like her or not is looking out for us. Good one.

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