Extra Special Sundays (Writing 101)

Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

Today’s twist: Tell the story in your own distinct voice.

Every Sunday morning we would go to church and after church was Sunday School, but sometimes there was no Sunday School and on those magical mornings we (my sister, brother and I) accompanied my mother and grandmother to The City Lunchcity for breakfast.  Normally my mother and grandmother would go there while we were at Sunday School to pass the time.

It was a huge treat to go there, they had the BEST English Muffins.  They would grill theirs not toast them, put lots of butter on and have jelly available.  Along with the English muffins I would have a chocolate milk and of course it was the best tasting chocolate milk ever!

It was an old trolley car converted into a diner, it was small, unassuming and delicious.  As you entered up the stairs, walked thru the door you faced the counter which was lined with round, cushioned stools wrapped in ribbed chrome and they would spin.  I know this because I remember spinning them.  We would turn right, walk past some booths then turn left take a few more steps and into a booth, sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left.  It didn’t matter to me which side just as long as we sat in a booth and not at the counter.  Since there were five of us someone always sat in a chair at the end of the table in the aisle.

The waitress would bring the white ceramic coffee cups for the adults and we kids would get water in those clear plastic glasses that had a bumpy finish, kind of like privacy glass in a bathroom.  It was English muffins all around and as a treat chocolate milk with a straw!  We were wearing our Sunday best so we had to be careful not to get any on us and we were.  I remember wearing white gloves, a hat, patent leather shoes, my Sunday dress and white ankle socks.  I felt so grown-up when we went out to breakfast, not the six, seven or eight years old that I was.  Every Sunday was special but these were Extra Special Sundays!!

It’s a memory embedded in my mind that I will always treasure and think of with great fondness.

4 thoughts on “Extra Special Sundays (Writing 101)

  1. What a sweet wonderful memory! I enjoyed reading about one of your favorite childhood memories and meal.

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  2. Very enjoyable blog, u gave good scenario

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  3. Mmm I actually became hungry whilst reading this! Lovely detail – now I’m craving a hot buttery muffin! 🙂

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