Everything’s a “thing”

You may have heard of “pregnancy brain” well good news, there’s also “menopause brain”.

For me, everything that used to have a unique name such as keys, pocketbook, clothes, shoes, jacket, laptop, dishes, soap, towels, car, tv, fingers, toes, now all have the same name…THING.

Where is my thing?  What did I do with that thing?  Please hand me the thing.  I think today I’ll wear those things.  I think I put my thing in the thing.

I truly cannot remember the name of whatever it is I might be thinking of or looking for.  When this happens I will pause and make myself try to remember the name of the “thing”.  Sometimes it is such an effort to remember what it’s called and most times I can’t recall or it takes several minutes.  I stand in astonishment of myself that I cannot remember my remote control is called a remote control.  It’s crazy!!  It can also be frustrating if you are explaining something to someone and your mind goes blank and hard as you might try you cannot find that word or words in your brain.

Scientists say that while cognitive problems are common among menopausal women, they are not permanent

“Relief: Scientists say that while memory loss is common among menopausal women, it is not permanent and not linked to issues such as depression” (this picture and caption came from the DailyMail.com)

I often wonder if this might be an early sign of Alzheimer’s.  According to my research, it’s due to fluctuating levels of female hormones and is at its worst the first year of menopause.  It is not permanent and once the hormones settle down the memory gets better.  I certainly hope so.

Until then, would you mind getting my thing, while I go find that thing, then we can go sit on the thingy and watch the other thing!!!


8 thoughts on “Everything’s a “thing”

  1. Oh yes, everything is thing. I am bad about going to the back of my house to pick up something and when I get there I have forgotten what it was that I went to get. I go back to where I started so I can remember what it is. Now I’m worried about getting to the back of my home and forgetting where I started. lol

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  2. I blame the FAKE cheese. Just sayin’

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  3. Thanks for writing this…thing. I was busy reading about…something and just happened upon your…thing. It’s good. I am the hot flash queen. Even my husband knows when a thing is about to come on by how red my …front of my head gets. What is that thing? Oh my face.

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    • LOL!! Thank you, so happy you liked my thing. Isn’t it amazing how we get menopause brain…it’s crazy. Oh yes the beat red face, sometimes that happens while I’m talking with my boss and I imagine that he thinks he just embarrassed me. Plus beads of sweat are appearing on my forehead and really all I want to do is tear all my clothes off. I wonder how he would react to that…HA!! Lovely of you to stop by…I look forward to visiting your thing real soon. 😉

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