Was that Gentle Ben???

Good morning everyone, Happy Sunday!

I’m sitting here in my beautiful sun room appreciating what is around me.  I am surrounded by my sunny, yellow hibiscus plant, my poinsettia/rhododendron plant and another plant that’s my favorite but I forget what it is.  I do not have a green thumb, I have the kiss of death thumb but I try and to see these plants flourishing makes me smile.  I am a little concerned about my hibiscus though, I’ll have to read up on them.  It has these HUGE blossoms and many of them, but it seems that they open up and then curl back up at the end of the day and in the morning I find them on the ground.  Are they supposed to drop off like that?  I mean seriously, I had it one day when that happened and I thought wow I killed it already?  Also, my problem is I water too much, but again the hibiscus seems to need lots and lots of water so much so that I can’t keep up, so at least I won’t kill it from over watering.

I look out the window and see green, green everywhere!  It’s so luscious and it makes me smile.  My neighbor has a weeping willow tree, it’s beautiful.  I remember when I was young my girlfriend had one in her backyard, they always seemed so haunting and ghostly to me.  I think it’s the way the branches hang.  I think that’s why I love them too, I love everything that has to do with being haunted or ghosts or creepy.  Yup I love to watch or read or see anything that has to do with gho…OMG, HOLY COW, OMG THERE’S A BIG BLACK BEAR WALKING THRU MY YARD RIGHT NOW!!! OMG!  I just moved here in October, I lived in the city prior and we didn’t have bears there.  That was awesome!!!  Gentle Ben…I hope!


Happy Sunday to you!!!

So back to my observations…the sky is a beautiful pale blue with whispers of clouds in it.  I went out and put new water in the bird bath and watered the flowers…I just had a thought, can you imagine if the bear showed up while I was refreshing the bird bath, the bath is right where he came from, I would have freaked!!!  It was funny cuz I grabbed my camera to get a picture of him, from a distance of course and I see him walk across the street to my neighbors, he stopped and smelled the flowers and then continued on behind their house.  I’m glad he took that moment to smell the flowers…we all should!!!  🙂

It’s going to be a gorgeous 80 degrees today, my plan is to find some decorations for my front porch.  I never had a front porch large enough to put furniture and stuff on.  I want to get two rocking chairs painted a color, I’m thinking blue or maybe yellow.  I want to get some flowers to kill, just kidding, and I want to get a statue like a dog or maybe a cherub.  The mind is still evolving on these ideas.

Well there’s a robin drinking from the bird bath, so happy.  I keep watching to see if birds are actually using it, makes me smile to see that they are.  Glad I could help them out.

Well everybody I hope you all have a glorious Sunday!  Do something that makes you smile, even if it’s just looking in the mirror at yourself and making a goofy face!!!


13 thoughts on “Was that Gentle Ben???

  1. Wow, that’s some bear, where do you live? Your place sounds lovely but i wouldn’t be going outside for awhile.

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    • I know!!! I live in a suburban town not a rural town but I do live near a river so maybe he came strolling up from there…yikes! That’s not the actual bear, but that’s just what he looked like…


  2. Go to a sporting goods store and get some of the maze spray for bears. Whenever you go outside, be sure to have that maze with you. That is very scary! Your home sounds beautiful. I think the hibiscas is doing what its suppose to be doing.

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  3. O.M.G!!! I would have fricken FerrrrrREAKED! I live in England where the only wildlife are a few voles, badgers, deer and foxes… but BEARS?!!!! IN YOUR GARDEN?!!! Blimey! What would have happened if you’d have been out there? I mean…do those things eat people for breakfast??? : / What is the local advice for coming face to face with a bear? Freeze? Run away screaming ‘BEEEEEEEAAAARRR?!!!’ Throw a fish in it’s direction and hope it finds it more appetizing than you?! I think I would have literally pooped in my pants! Anyway, now that I am over my shock of you discovering a bear in your garden – Weeping Willows! They are my absolute favourite tree – my dream is to have one in my garden – that and a Cherry Blossom! 🙂

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    • LOL!! You are funny. I love reading your “English” expressions…I don’t even know what a vole is! I’m going to google it. I know, I WAS freaking out, I was running all around my house, I was grabbing my cellphone so I could take a picture and I’m thinking “ya right you’re not going to get close enough, nor should you, to get a good pic” and I was also yelling, OMG a bear, OMG a bear…it didn’t even occur to me until I continued my post that I had just been out there 15 minutes earlier WHAT??? I don’t know what I would have done, from what I’ve seen on tv, running is the worst thing you can do, stay still and if you can play dead is what I remember them saying. I like the fish idea I think I’ll bring one out with me from now on when I clean the bird bath…HA! Or better yet teach the birds how to clean their own bath!!! Cherry Blossoms are my second favorite tree…isn’t that something!! I hope you get both… 🙂

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    • Haha oh gosh I can picture you yelling ‘OMG a bear!’ like a maniac! Lol a vole is like a diddy little mole – he he nowhere near as frightening as a bear! And be careful with taking a fish outside with you – I just thought – it could either be a help or a hindrance! It might deter the bear from eating you…but then again, the smell of the fish might attract a whole family of bears!!!! Yikes!!! : / stay safe! 🙂

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    • I googled vole and that’s what google said too…a woman I work with said she was just reading an article about bears around here and the they are herbivores, they feed on plants. So as I long as I don’t look like a plant to him I should be all set…but I will definitely be more cautious!! Thanks!

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    • Phew! Thank God you’re not a plant! Maybe he’s the culprit to your hibiscus mystery? Maybe he’s been sniffing your flowers and has caused their heads to fall off?! hehe

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    • LOL!! He did sniff my neighbor’s flowers…only thing is they are in my sunroom so he’s been inside. Actually my hairdresser is a plant expert and she said that is what hibiscus do, so I’m not killing it…great news! 😄

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    • That’s wonderful news! I’m so glad you’re not a serial plant killer 😉 hehe

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    • Phew, I was worried too that I might need counseling… HA! 🙂

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