I don’t know if this is a menopausal symptom but it seems I can no longer tolerate tops that have tags!

I have to cut them off, I HAVE TOO!  I find them to be so irritating on the back of my neck and upper back, what’s up with that?  My whole life, as I’m sure yours too, my tops had tags and they never bothered me.  Oh maybe if they were sticking up and out of the top, but not itchy bother.

Now as soon as I put on a top with tags I must take it off and remove the tags.  As a matter of fact the shirt I have on right now has a tag that is bothering me…be right back…queue the Jeopardy music…

Ahhh, better!  Some tops have tags that are easily removed while others, not so much.  I have to be very careful with the teeny tiny scissors I have, I think they are cuticle scissors, not to cut the fabric of the shirt.  I have done that, put a nice hole right in the back of the shirt!!  UGH…

I wish all tops were tagless, it’s so much more comfortable.  I always thought the reason why more shirts weren’t tagless was due to cost, however I was reading an article that stated the printed tag is much more cost effective than hand-sewn tags.  “Sewn-in labels have high minimums, very long lead times and are expensive to make. With sewn-in labels you have to plan very far in advance. And, as we all know, they can be uncomfortable to the consumer.”  (www.inkcups.com)  I’m that consumer they are referring to…

Since that is the case I am imploring the Universe…please no more tags!!!



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