Alright people, I’m going to tackle a subject that is an everyday, actually a 14 times a day on average, occurrence that happens to all of us!!  Flatulence, gas, farts, poops, whatever you may call them!  As a matter of fact it would be fun if you would contribute your terminology in the comments section below.

Why is it that such a natural bodily function is so taboo?  Everybody does it and everybody knows that everybody does it.  Is it the sound?  Is it the smell?  What is it that makes it so embarrassing?

What causes it?  Several factors actually…starting with swallowed air…well now I think that one is a necessity. You swallow small amounts of air when you’re eating and drinking, and you take in greater amounts when you eat or drink rapidly, don’t chew your food completely, suck on hard candies, chew gum, smoke cigarettes, or wear loose dentures. Most swallowed air escapes from the stomach via the mouth when you burp, or belch. The rest of the air travels to the small intestine; some of it is absorbed there, while the remainder moves into the large intestine and then is released through the rectum”.   

Ok who just giggled at rectum?

Next, undigested carbohydrates, there are several carbohydrate-filled foods that will without a doubt cause “Air Biscuits” and they are:

  • “vegetables such as artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, corn, onions, and potatoes
  • fruits such as apples, peaches, and pears
  • beans (especially baked beans)
  • carbonated beverages
  • wheat products such as pasta and whole grain breads and cereals.”

“Many people also develop gas after consuming milk products that contain the sugar lactose. This is because they make insufficient amounts of the enzyme lactase, which the body needs to digest lactose. As you age, your lactase level naturally declines. Fats and proteins rarely cause gas.”

So should we eat more fats and proteins if we are having an issue controlling “Tooties in our Booties”?


Obviously most cases of “Barking Spiders” are normal, however, if you have 23 or more episodes a day you may want to make an appointment with your doctor.  Ok, I want to know how the study was done to determine that it took 23 episodes or more daily of “Fluffing” to determine that you may have a problem!

I was curious as to whether Menopause was a reason for increased “Whispers in your Panties” and it is, but not for lack of estrogen but rather because women change their diet to help keep their bones strong and this change of diet may be the culprit.  Women tend to drink more milk, the lactose may increase both gas & bloating, or they may change their diet to be low in saturated fats, and high in fiber and soy–which also contribute to increased “Bumphfs”.

All I know is the other day I was talking with a co-worker and BAM, I “Blew a Kiss”, no warning and it was not quiet.  Now what do you do?  Pretend that you both didn’t just hear me fart?  So I say “oh my, pardon me” and kept right on with my conversation as if nothing happened.  Thank goodness there was no smell, no seriously, there was no smell.  I would own up to it if there was.

Or how about, I was speaking with my neighbor and again WHAM out it comes, no hint, no clue, not the teeniest, tiniest inkling, I was in the dark that it was on it’s way! (Actually so was it) hee,hee  UGH!!!  Once again I was like “oh excuse me”, trying to keep a normal, straight look on my face as if no big deal, you don’t mind that I just had an “Anal Acoustic” happen while you were speaking, do you?

I’m telling you it’s running rampant in my body or out of my body I should say…the other day I was walking down the hall at work, again a co-worker walking behind me was serenaded by my melodious offering.  What’s up with this?  It is embarrassing and uncontrollable all at the same time!!

All you youngsters reading this…you just wait it’s going to happen to you too!  I say we band together now and start a campaign in support of “Booty Bombs”.  May they be accepted everywhere, not only accepted, encouraged…ok maybe not encouraged!

Obviously I’ve been saving the best for last…the SBD…Silent but Deadly.  The best thing about this one is that “they” don’t know it was YOU if it’s a group situation, all they know is that their nostrils are burning, their eyes are watering and they need to leave the area immediately.  You chuckle to yourself as you are rather enjoying the fragrant air you have just emitted and shared.  You clenched your cheeks and tried so very hard not to let it escape but alas it did…SBD!!!

Ok I guess I have vented on this subject long enough…pun intended.  So if in the future we should have a face to face conversation let me say now…OH MY, EXCUSE ME!  😉



Footnote: The italicized sections are from Sergey V. Kantsevoy, M.D. , Assistant Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, at

I would also like to thank all my friends for contributing their terms for flatulence to this article, thanks everyone – appreciate it!!



  1. If it makes you feel any better, I teach 9-12 year olds and the capacity for barking spiders in this age group is well, “legendary”. The only creature that I know of that farts more than those kids ( I cried when they quit letting us burn candles after lunch) are my donkeys, who get so excited when they bray that they punctuate with farts every few seconds. You have not lived until you’ve been greeted after a hard days’ work by a running, braying, farting miniature donkey. It puts everything in perspective in a hurry. Meanwhile, bless you and I hope your current melodic status will calm down after a while. Who knows what our bodies are thinking? Lol.

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  2. hahaha oh my that made me chuckle! I LOVE this 🙂 barking spider? Lol – I HAVE to use that one with the kids at school hehe I call them ‘trumps’ – “Who just trumped?’ Trumps and pumps. I say we start a bumpfh choir!

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    • LOL…ok instead of a daily grateful post, we’ll have a daily grateful bumpfh!!! HA HA…trumps huh, I surveyed my friends on facebook and asked them to contribute what they call them, I had never heard of barking spiders before either…it was so much fun to write and read the responses from others as to what they name them!! xo

      Liked by 2 people

    • haha that’s a great idea! I love the way you causally dropped them in to your post – it was such a fun read! I will let off my daily bumph in gratitude of your post right now! Parrrrrrrp! 😉 hehe xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • LOL!! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear how much you enjoyed reading it. I was wondering about reactions to it! I had so much fun writing it…xo

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  3. It does get worse as we age. Ugh

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  4. Leave it to you to address the most embarrassing bodily function there is! You did it very well, I might add! I was especially happy to see you use “tooties in your booties”! You gave me a good laugh on the bus, in the middle of NC, on my way to DC! I just glad that the majority of people aboard this bus are no where close to menopause! Of course endless junk food consumption gives you the same results! 😉 XXOO d

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    • I’m happy you enjoyed it!! Have a safe and fabulous trip!! You are right about the junk food so beware!!! 😉 xoxo


  5. (Blush) you spoke of whaaaaat? The unspeakable? Of course I never . . .!
    Probably the funniest I ever heard was from a neighbor. She’s a real Mary Poppins type with the delicate English accent and all. She let out a little poof that sounded loud in the silence of the out of doors and said, “Please excuse my flatulence.” She said it so cotton-pickin proper-like. I’d never heard the term “flatulence” before. I really couldn’t help but laugh—Mary Poppins and all, you know? I hated to tell her we just called them farts here. So I didn’t. I mean, who wants to influence Mary Poppins into saying fart? Not me.
    Nice job of writing and educating us. 🙂

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    • You are hilarious…I love reading all your comments not to mention your stories…that is so funny!!! No, no we don’t want to be improper around Mary Poppins nor be a bad influence…Thank you too!! 🙂

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  6. I think you left out something??? What about “cutting the cheese”??? Real cheese, not that FAKE stuff!

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  7. HA! Can so relate! So now that you’ve broken the ice. let’s talk about colonoscopies…..

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