Start each day as the gift it is, being thankful it has been given to you.

Beginning with your warm, comfy bed, fluffy pillows and soft blankets.

Be grateful as you draw back your curtains and open your shades to the beautiful blue sky and the warmth of the sunshine that greets you.  Notice the puffy white clouds, can you discern a picture in them, remember doing that as a child?  Let’s remember to do that now.  What hue is the blue, is it deep or pale?  Is the sun a bright yellow or a soft butter color?

Maybe it’s not a sunny day, perhaps it raining.  Embrace the rhythmic sound of the raindrops, tapping on the window pane or the roof above.  This nourishing rain is feeding the grass, trees, plants and replenishing birdbaths for all to enjoy.  Without the rain we wouldn’t have the lush greens, the vibrant colors of the flowers, the leaves in the trees that provide us shade should we need it.

Whatever the weather, appreciate it!

Now breathe deep, and again.  Slow down.  I know we are all busy with the hustle and bustle of life, that’s why this is all the more important to do each morning as we start our day.  Empty your mind of the thoughts of the day you are about to face, this will take some practice but it will happen.  Spend this time on you and your gratitudes.  Aren’t you grateful to have that cup of coffee or juice or whatever your preference is to start your day?  Aren’t you grateful for that hot shower, cleansing soap, and soft towel to dry off with?  What about that toothbrush and paste to clean your teeth and mouth, not to mention the clean water to rinse it out with.

Instead of looking in our closet thinking “I have NOTHING to wear” what if we were to be grateful that it is filled with clean clothes and that we do have choices.  We have clean underwear to put on, that alone induces thankfulness.  Shoes to cover our feet, a jacket to protect us from that rain perhaps and maybe we might even have a scarf to perk up the outfit. 😉   And we thought we had nothing to wear…HA!

Look around you, what do you love about your home?  Love and appreciate your home.  You can make your home magical and soothing, calming and embracing by filling it with what makes you smile.  What makes you smile?  Do you like plants?  Paintings?  Pictures of family members, furry friends?  Maybe you love candles or statues, figurines, posters, or antiques.  Are your rooms painted in colors that inspire you?  If not, that is an easy fix, you might even try doing it yourself.  If you rent and they won’t let you change the wall colors, how about the curtains you have hanging, do you love them?  Make your home a place that makes you smile and happy, you spend most of your time there, enjoy it.  Take pride in your surroundings.

Spend time in the morning being grateful for you, that’s right YOU!  You are a wonderful, thoughtful, loving being.  You have great ideas and a caring, giving heart.  You have such an imagination, have fun with it.  Inspire others, lend a helping hand, most of all love yourself, accept yourself, care about yourself and smile at how great you are!!

Now…one more deep breath, ok let’s go greet our day with love, enthusiasm and gratefulness!!!




6 thoughts on “THE GIFT!

  1. Donna Cowdrey

    Very cool, Deb!  Nice read to inspire and remind everyone what we DO HAVE!  Thx,  XXOO,  Donna   ps – glad you included that “cup of juice” _ I can relate to that! 

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  2. This is so powerful. I need to print this off and hang it on my closet door as a reminder!

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  3. What a great post. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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