Camera Lucida ~ Enchanted!

Camera Lucida Photo Challenge Week 1 Theme ~ “Enchanted”



They frolic under sunbeams

The trees provide their shade,

Starlit skies enhance their dreams

As cricket songs soon fade.

They listen to the babbling brook

The hummingbird does tell,

Enchanted knows with just one look

This home where fairies dwell!

20 thoughts on “Camera Lucida ~ Enchanted!

  1. Loved it…such a beautiful poem:) You surprise me every time:)
    Thank you again for your entry:)

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  2. “This home where fairies dwell”
    Perfect ending and I like this picture πŸ™‚

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  3. What a beautiful poem! I loved this – you are very gifted and I’d l;ove to hear more of your poems! This one was truly enchanting (and now I need a ‘she shed’ in my life!) πŸ˜€ xx

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  4. What a lovely poem. And an amazing room for those fairies to dwell in!

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  5. Such a beautiful and imaginative poem~ I would love to curl up whole day in that room!

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