Camera Lucida ~ “ROSE”

This week’s theme for the Camera Lucida Photo Challenge is “ROSE”

Whenever I hear the word Rose this is what I think of:

My Paternal Grandmother Rose!

My Paternal Grandmother Rose!

This is my Grandmother Rose, my father’s mother.

She is no longer with us but I remember her as a quiet, gentle woman.  She seemed shy and reserved but always pleasant and kind.  As a child I did not see her often as she lived in another state, but I do remember being with her at holidays and weddings.  I see some of her traits in my father, as he too is a gentle, caring soul.

This is my interpretation of Rose..

A Rose by any other name would be Grandmother!!!

A Rose is not kind but she was,

A Rose does not smile but she does.

A Rose has a way

Of making your day,

Whether the Roses are Flowers or Grandmas!


16 thoughts on “Camera Lucida ~ “ROSE”

  1. Nice story. Grandmas are so special

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  2. Aw! Rose, or the name Rosie, is the most popular name for the dolls in my nursery, by the little kids! Whenever they play mummies and daddies, I ask what their baby is called,mans it’s almost guaranteed there is a Rose there in the name somewhere!

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  3. Beautiful post:) made me tear a bit and think of my grandmother:)
    Thank you for your entry!

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  4. My grandma was named after a flower too, made me think of her and how much I missed her~~

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  5. […] Deb and […]

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