Camera Lucida – “THE PARK BENCH”

Week Three Camera Lucida Photo Challenge is “The Park Bench”, here is my interpretation:

This is dedicated to Julia


Hello my friend come rest your bones

Upon my bench so red.

Allow your dreams to up and roam

Release them from your head.

Listen to your silent wishes

Watch them dance and play.

Thank you friend for stopping by

It’s been a magical day!!!


17 thoughts on “Camera Lucida – “THE PARK BENCH”

  1. An inviting poem to sit on the magical bench~

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  2. Thank you for your beautiful entry:) As promised…the red bench:)))) Love it!

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  3. beautiful Debs! I love the photo and I love your poem! xx

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    • Thanks Hay! You inspired me to write more of them, so I thought I would write one for every photo challenge…they give me goosebumps!!! Talk soon…xo

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