~ Night Flights ~ by Deb Cowdrey

I'm flying east
I'm flying west
I'm flying with the very best

My wings are spread
My span is wide
I'm following my Angel Guide

We soar the heavens
We soar the seas
Among the scent-filled blissful breeze

My heart's a flitter
My heart's a flutter
Beneath my breath I wildly mutter

These skies so blue
These trees so green
Only God could make this scene

Float and drift
Spirits free
Feel my soul uplifting me

Sparkle, twinkle
In the sky
Lighting up when I go by

My mind's alive
It wanders free
My body rests and watches me

Shadows black
They do surround
For darkness is a friend I found

We dance, we play
We laugh, we sing
Knowing what the day will bring

We waken from our slumber
Our travel time is gone
Only to rejoin us when nighttime comes along!

7 thoughts on “~ Night Flights ~ by Deb Cowdrey

  1. Wonderful poem Deb. I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome stuff, Deb!

    I was listening to a song when I came across this. And boy, I had to pause the song cause I found it distracting
    And then I read it again!

    Simply beautiful!

    May I add a few lines?

    Another night, another flight
    The earthlings begin to fade
    And the stars in the moonlit skies echo my serenade!


    Liked by 1 person

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