Three Day Quote Challenge ~ Day Two

Ritu at But I Smile Anyway has signed me up for the 3 day quote challenge!

The rules…

Post a quote a day for 3 consecutive days.

Nominate 3 different bloggers on each day.

Here is Day 2’s Quote:


I love Maya Angelou, she was a remarkable woman.  Her life was one that was both tragic and glorious.  She was filled with such passion and so much gratitude for everything in her life.  She would thank God no matter the situation, be it difficult, frustrating, challenging or wonderful.

I think this quote is so true.  When you think of others, how they make you feel usually comes to mind, even if it’s subconsciously.  A smile may come across your face when you think of a friend, perhaps your heart goes pitter-patter when you think of your love, or maybe a feeling of fondness when you think of children.

So knowing this, how do you want to make others feel when they think of you?

My fellow nominees please share your favorite quotes with us:

Richard A. Cross


Story Teller

I look forward to it!


5 thoughts on “Three Day Quote Challenge ~ Day Two

  1. I love this quote, yes, it’s beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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