Kim Russo ~ The Happy Medium

“A beautiful night tonight at the beach with wonderful friends, and to top it off – a full moon coming tomorrow. A Supermoon to be exact. Take advantage of the energies the moon wants to give us. Get creative. Stop hoping, wishing & dreaming, as this moon can make your wishes become your reality. Think about what you truly want and focus on it. The moon affects the tides of the ocean and, as we are made up of mostly water, it affects our emotions. Pay attention to what emotions arise with this energy. It may be time to clear out what does not serve you to make room for your true soul’s destiny. It’s a time to ask yourself what do I really want ? What will make my heart sing ? What will make me feel alive again ? The time is now. Be brave and have the courage of a Lion because in the end the only regrets you’ll have is if you didn’t try 🌺 Namaste”

This was posted on August 28, 2015 so the SuperMoon is tonight, August 29, 2015…set your intentions…


9 thoughts on “~ SUPERMOON TONIGHT!! ~

  1. The moon was beautiful late last night/early this morning!

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  2. Hi! Thanks for the follow! Love the theme! 🙂

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