~ Healing Waters ~

Step by step I do descend
Moonlit skies around me
Soothing waters are my friend
As healing does surround me

I sink into your warm embrace
You wash away my fears
As I absorb your loving grace
And empty all my tears

I clear my mind of sadness
I fill it up with joy
I leave behind the madness
It’s gratitude I employ


Waves of showers wash me over
I’m cleansed of all that’s dark
Purity rinses off my shoulder
Delight becomes my heart

I bow my head to meditate
I open up my mind
Of healing does my soul partake
My thoughts become divine

Oh bless me infinite Universe
I ask and do receive
You give me better without worse
Of all things I conceive

And in your healing waters
As I daydream through my life
I choose of many corridors
The passage without strife

Help me teach what I do learn
Express what I do feel
Write and tell of all I yearn
So others I might heal


8 thoughts on “~ Healing Waters ~

  1. I really enjoyed the transformation you presented in this piece! Especially because you go from focusing on yourself, as the darkness turns to light, so to speak, but even more importantly you direct the attention on to helping others! Well done! D

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