Dear God,

As I knelt to say my prayers to thank You for another day and all that You have done for me I also asked some questions.

Why is it easier for people to feel sad and sorry for themselves than to feel happy and proud?  Why can’t we be filled with joy and laughter rather than sadness and tears?  Why can’t we find it easier to be positive than negative?  Why do we have to try so hard to fight off bad, unhappy, sour thoughts rather than be overflowing in grand, cheerful, sweet thoughts?

We have to “make it a point” to have gratitude for something yet how easily we naturally dislike things.  We have to “go out of our way” to be nice to someone but so quick to criticize.  We “give thought” to lending a hand but avoid pitching in.

Gossip and rumors are so readily shared rather than stories about random acts of kindness.  If there was a “good” news channel would people watch?  I think if the news reported only good stories that we would improve, we would expect good things to happen, we would become more thoughtful and caring towards each other.  We would respect and take better care of one another.

So God, I don’t want to wallow in sadness, depression, or feeling sorry for myself, I want to wallow in happiness, euphoria and feeling grateful to be alive.  I want that for all of us!

My prayer to You is this, use me as Your vessel and teach me how to show others the path to happiness, joy, charity, love, respect, giving of ourselves and most of all gratitude.  Thank You!

Amen and Goodnight!!


9 thoughts on “Dear God,

  1. Reading this I felt to do the same thing before Dear God!

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  2. Very sweet and powerful prayer Deb!

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  3. Lorraine Cowdrey

    Debbie You have a beautiful mind and God loves you for it. I love you too and am so proud to have you for my daughter. Lorraine Cowdrey

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  4. very nice prayer Deb…we don’t quite get the answers to why but atleast we can do our bit.

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  5. Lorraine Cowdrey

    Lorraine Cowdrey

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