what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

26 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. I am grateful for the electricity which is going on and off and rain and thunder and cracking clouds and internet connection which was kind of absent on weekend and health which is better than morning and divine melodies I am listening and my sweet grandmother and the great meal I just had and the great tea with Tulsi and ginger and beautiful kitten which has been meowing last hour and the good sleep I had and for your beautiful company as you ask us what we are grateful for–this turns our attention to positive things in life and makes us feel better so I am truly grateful to have such a positive friend like yourself. I wish you very best.

    LOve and light โค

    Anand ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I am so grateful for family, we had a wonderful weekend with my husbands niece and brought us all closer….and it was so relaxing….kat

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  3. I am grateful that I have no complaints about today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • So what is the story? She seems to be remembering something, it’s hard to tell if the man who throws the water in her face is the same man who is on the boat with her, is it? I was trying to follow just by their facials expressions, I thought she was in love with someone else but it looks as if she may be in love with him at the end when they hug. Please translate.
      Thanks, Deb!


    • Debbie!
      Congrats! on your observation.
      Your observation and analysing is commendable.
      By the lines that you have said I feel you could have been a very Good Actress.
      Its a 1969 film which I do not remember when I saw it. I had faint memories about the story.
      Since your comment is right and requires to be understood, I went into the details of the story, I mean I searched for it on the net. A brief story of the film is surprisingly given by one blogger whose link I am giving you. I also read about it and refreshed my memory.
      Yes the story goes that way, here Dev is the lover and Arun is the Patient who is the hero of the film- Rajesh Khanna. The Heroine is Waheeda Rehman a very talented actress of those days. Dev is Dharmendra who has given a guest appearance in the movie and it is he who throws the water on her face. It is a very touching story which made me to listen the song repeatedly. The lyrics of the song touches the Heart and makes one tremble.
      “Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi”
      That Evening was so Strange
      “Ae Shaam Bhi Ajeeb Hai”
      This Evening is also Strange
      “Woh kal bhi pas pas thi, woh aaj bhi Kareeb Hai”
      She was very near to me then, she is very near to me now also.
      “Main soch tha tha mera naam gunguna rahi Hai Woh”
      I was thinking that she was taking my name and singing by my name.
      “Na Jane Kyon mujhe laga ke muskurarahi Hai Woh”
      I do not know why I felt that she was Smiling & Laughing.
      It goes like that.
      Refer the links.



      Some of the songs which I here of old movies are really touching and the Lyrics are fantastic.
      I think D… you have not read my Post on “Greatest Musicians & Lyricists of Bollywood”, this article I had written much before I started my Blog and had attempted to give it to magazines and newspapers, but ultimately it found a profound place in my blog only. In my stats daily it shows that four or five people on an average view it, but since the Post is very very big they lose patience and go away. The ones who have read might have taken more views and days also. Some of them have commented too. Hindi Film Industry was the place I cherished to be in. May be because of that I could write it.
      Hope you will now enjoy the song in full spirits and in full volume.

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    • I just read the link thank you, I now understand it. My what a fascinating movie that is, complicated and simple at the same time! So they were two different men and now I know what she was thinking about. A very ironic film don’t you agree?
      I’ll have to read your post today and I’m sure I won’t lose my patience reading it!
      A sad song…


    • You have a very Gooooood Capaatiti to understand.
      Would you want to get that song also to be translated I mean the previous one. Making translations I think my Capaatiti and Vocaaabuuulaaary shall increase.
      Now have a big Laugh.
      “Muskurana” is a urdu word to smile and laugh.

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    • Well I can imagine what the words are now that I understand what’s going on, he loves her, she loves Dev, Dev loves his girlfriend and it’s one big mess!! Sometimes love can be messy…but if you desire to translate it I would enjoy reading it!

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    • Yes it can.
      When it came to Smile and Laugh I remembered this song so very well sung by Kishore Kumar. It made us to understand better I suppose. That link I think I had come across years back but I did not know of this blogging world. The Posts I browsed on Her blog today (Madhulika) are fantastic covering lot of Hindi Films.
      My Post Musicians and Lyricists post I have not put any tags till date, I never knew about them also then while I posted. See today just clicking the movie name it took me to that blog. Do you think Tags work like that. You first read it.
      When I first gave the write up to my Father he said this is a thesis, you are to get a doctorate for this. He used to be surprised to see my writing of prose and poetry which has been my latest passion.
      Shiva ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I do think Tags work, it worked for you right? Your father sounds like a very wise man. Your prose and poetry and so insightful and thoughtful too!
      Enjoy your passion!!

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    • I shall, Thank You.
      I shall put the tags on that Bollywood post. Let me see what shall happen.

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    • We work six days and sometimes seven days in a week.
      Today being saturday it is hectic. I make payments on saturday – weekly wages and salary. Its a practice in India to make weekly payments. Except with corporates they make monthly. We have to plan for the next week schedules. We have also to work on far off sites.
      Hope you are having a nice week end.

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    • How many hours do you work in a week? We do our payroll weekly too and pay bills on Fridays also, at work.
      My weekend is just starting and I always love it when I’m home so it will be a nice one, thank you!!
      Hope you too can enjoy some time off!!


    • 10 X 6 = 60 Hrs or 75 Hrs sometimes.
      I am yet to make the payment. They are doing some work for Monday’s delivery. Its 8.00pm now.
      I love weekends and I never go anywhere except with family sometimes.
      I never tie a watch and I never see the time on Sundays. Other days it all goes by the sense of time. Sundays I am insensible of time.

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    • That’s a lot of working hours, do you enjoy your work?
      I love that “I am insensible of time” that could be a poem or a line in a poem!
      Get your payment done so you can spend Sunday, “insensible” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Oh! this is for the wink is it ๐Ÿ˜‰
      so write your poem now on that, sensibly
      Whenever I am off from work I just don’t look back or keep worrying about it. Up in heavens. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Ofcourse I love my work.

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    • I will ponder on it for awhile ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I am going to go take my shower and get ready for the day. I need to go grocery shopping and then do my laundry so as I do these tasks I shall ponder about insensible, sensibly of course!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ yes that is the wink…

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