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what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank You!

27 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. That looks like a house for Sleeping Beauty and the Seven Dwarfs! Adorable!

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  2. For simple things
    For safety and personal peace

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  3. The True Light!

    My happy place is at home in front of a football game…with another one after that! I know, what a “guy thing” huh! I’m grateful they play football and I have a nice TV to watch it on. Hey, I’ve got better “gratefuls” for next week, Lord willing…

    Enjoy your weekend, Deb. πŸ˜€

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    • A “guy thing”? Can you say Fantasy Football and NFL RedZone…I’m a huge football fan…have been since I was 16, my neighbors had season tickets to the Patriots and I would babysit their kids and watch the games every Sunday. Steve Grogan was my hero back then..HA! Who’s your favorite team?

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    • Oh boy! Not often a guy finds a young lady who love football! I think it’s one reason I married my wife!

      Anyway, for years I was a Cowboys fan, I was born in Dallas. But in recent years, I like the Broncos…even before they got Manning!

      BTW, Peyton does look like he’s getting tired, doesn’t he…

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    • Totally agree that Peyton looks tired…my mother’s a Peyton fan too! We face off in a couple of weeks!! 😊

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    • The True Light!

      I know, and if Denver looks like they did yesterday…wow, N.E. will pound them I’m afraid. They might anyway. Brady looks great this year…(and I don’t mean his haircut or suits!)

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    • We have trouble in Denver though and that’s where the game is…but Brady is on a mission (and he looks great with his haircut and suits too!) πŸ˜‰

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    • Aw, now that’s where I get off the “Brady train!” I will admit that Denver may have a slight home field advantage but it may not be enough to beat those Pats.

      Especially if they play like they did last week against Indy!

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    • I’ve always loved the Brady-Manning match ups…Peyton that is!!! πŸ˜‰

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    • They have been good, no doubt. I’m concerned for Denver this year, however, due to the high quality of play which Brady and the Patriots have shown all year long! Sure Denver has a good defense, but you can bet that the N.E. coaching staff is hard at work planning their attack this very minute!

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    • Let me ask you, do you think of them as cheaters?

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    • Oh Deb, you may not like the answer…yes I do. But I believe there are many teams and players on almost every team who “fumble” around with truth and honesty…even Denver.

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    • I was afraid you were going to say that. It’s such a shame that we can’t enjoy all the years of being so successful as it’s tainted and we’re always defending them. I believe Tom about deflategate, to me he is an upstanding person and would not lie…alas! And I agree with you I believe that many teams “bend” the rules…oh well! In the grand scheme of things it’s not to lose sleep over, right?

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    • Well that depends, Deb. The word “fan” comes from the route word fanatical. So if one is fanatical about one’s team, they may lose some sleep over such things.

      Besides, your Pats. are 9-0 right now. You should be sleeping like a baby! Lol!!!!

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    • Oh…and boy the Broncos “stunk up the joint” in yesterday’s game! Wow, what an up and down day for Peyton…

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    • I wonder if they let him play only to break Favre’s record, as he looked terrible last week. It would not surprise me if he didn’t finish the season. Plus now with his foot issue that won’t help, it’s too bad he couldn’t go out on a more positive note.

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    • All of these are my thoughts too. The only thing I might add is that Peyton is used to being in “charge” and I’m sure his desire to compete is getting in the way of his better judgment. He needed to be pulled from the game earlier to allow Denver the best chance they might have had to win. I am not sure he will stay out for very long either, another potential problem. And let’s face it, he just doesn’t “have it” anymore. He’s out of gas…so sad!!!

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    • I know but he’s had a brilliant career and should be very proud. Sadly it’s a game for the “young” and unbattered bodies. Tommy will be there in the not so distant future too…we’ll miss them they are the great ones!!

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    • Time just has a way of marching on. What’s that old saying…”Time is a respecter of no person.”

      Yep, Mr. Brady is just about 2-3 years younger than Peyton. His day is coming too.

      And it is true, this game takes a big toll on the body. It’s for the younger players who will have their time now but eventually will arrive at the stopping point too.

      Gotta make the best of things while they can!

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  4. I love the picture it reminds me to be grateful for flowers!

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