There’s nothing you can say to me
To make me understand
Why hatred and brutality
Should kill another man

Such acts of total cowardice
I will not glorify
Instead I rage at all of this
Your name I shall deny

My tribute goes to those we lost
All Innocents were they
Their lives became the final cost
On such a tragic dayparis2

My heart is filled with sadness
For those now left behind
Where once there was a gladness
An emptiness you will find

There are no words to comfort
Or take away the pain
Why you must endure the hurt
Is impossible to explain

I send my arms to hold you
Please wrap them all around
Take all the time you need to
Until your strength is found

To The Innocents, May You Rest in Peace
In heaven up above
For from this life you are released
And now live in God’s love

Sent with complete and utter heartfelt love and sadness!
May God help you with your healing!!

14 thoughts on “~ THE INNOCENTS ~

  1. Deb, this is beautiful and so very heartfelt! I hope it reaches those who are affected in France.

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  2. Beautiful. I’m reblogging it.

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  3. We done! Donna

    Sent from my iPhone


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