FFfAW Challenge 41 ~ NATURE’S DREAM

fffaw41Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers FFfAW We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories.  Photo courtesy of Etol Bagam with the blog, Creative Busyness.


I have read many articles that encourage people to turn to nature to benefit from the therapeutic value it offers, so I did.

After several hours of listening to the wind dance thru the trees, the birds serenade and soothe me, the rays of the sun bathe me in love, I fell asleep.

My dream was a vivid one, not to mention colorful.  Freud or Jung, I’m not sure who, would have a field day with me.  Red, my passion cheered me on to follow her, Purple, my creativity waved and encouraged me to continue to learn about her, Blue explained that yes sometimes there is sadness in life but I will pass, and finally Yellow beamed at me and said I am your inner light show me to the world often!

Upon awakening, not only was my body refreshed but so was my soul…I skipped and sang all the way home!


Thanks Priceless Joy

Thanks PJ

18 thoughts on “FFfAW Challenge 41 ~ NATURE’S DREAM

  1. This is really cute Deb! I felt like I was on this “renewing” journey too! Great story!

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  2. And I skipped and sang all the way home with you after reading your words! I felt like I’d experienced a mini meditation which renewed and revived me through your dream of colours and nature 🙂 thank you xx

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  3. This one has be smiling, Dev 🙂 I like what you did with the colors – so outside the box thinking.

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  4. We should all have a meditative journey such as this.

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  5. Good thing she kept her eyes closed! I suspect those creatures in real life speaking to her…. she would have went home at a faster trot!

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  6. I also loved what you did with the colors – reminds me of meditating with the different chakras.

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  7. Love the image of you skipping and singing! Good read. Well done.

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