Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan had an idea to freeze water and observe it under a microscope.  He was sure he would see snow crystals.

After a couples of months of trial and error, he succeeded.  He observed crystals of tap water, river water and lake water.  He could not get any beautiful crystals from tap water or from rivers and lakes near big cities.

However, rivers and lakes that were kept pristine produced beautiful crystals, each one unique from the others.

Dr. Emoto conducted his observations in the following manner:

  1. Show letters to the water, then freeze and observe the crystals
  2. Expose the water to pictures
  3. Expose the water to music
  4. Pray to the water

Dr. Emoto used distilled water that was for hospital usage, manufactured by the same company.  It was considered to be pure water because it was distilled twice.

His results were, that he always observed beautiful crystals after saying good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to the water samples.

Dr. Emoto saw disfigured crystals when the opposite was applied to the water samples.  He never observed identical crystals.

I find this utterly fascinating and wonder, if we were to bless our water with what we might need each day, then drink it, what profound effects might it have on us?

For example, you write, you are experiencing a writer’s block and your mind is out of ideas at the moment.  What if you took some pure bottled water, unless you live near pristine lakes or rivers and are able to use that water, blessed it with creativity, gave the water a moment, then drank it?  Perhaps the water makeup might transform into these amazing formations, filling your mind and soul with creative thoughts and soon you are writing again.

Even better than that, maybe you aren’t feeling well and you bless the water with health, drink it and feel better.

It’s an experiment I have been conducting for a week now and I have had incredible results.  I blessed the water with joy and found myself feeling joyful later for no apparent reason.  I drink a lot of water daily and each time, before I drink, I bless the water with one of the following; creativity, happiness, inner peace, gratitude, love, energy, contentment, abundance, generosity, imagination and the list goes on.

You might say it’s the Power of the Mind making me think I’m getting results, perhaps, or maybe Dr. Emoto is on to something.

What would be wonderful, would be to have everyone drink bottles blessed with peace, love, and respect.

Care to give it a try?

Here are some images of Dr. Emoto’s findings:


Here is the link to Dr. Emoto’s findings Dr. Masaru Emoto




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