Lighten Up

what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

17 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. I’m grateful for your Lighten Up post, reminding me to “Lighten Up.” πŸ™‚

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  2. Now, coming to the comment – “I know it all”
    Even that came very very spontaneously.
    If I say I -I know your past, present and future; you will surprisingly say- are you mad.
    But what to do, I meditate on the universal soul and I become one with it.
    You too when you are able to write the lines of Masquerade you have become one. The second line itself says it all.
    Expansion of the self shall lead to understand others better.
    Now it shall again be a big topic.
    We shall discuss it some other time.
    As I told you about the new poem in the pipe line, I have fitted it in rhymes.
    I feel it shall be my words and the image or picture on that shall be yours.
    Here I give you few lines of it, as I am to complete another few lines.
    The title of it is :
    “Those Moments are Enough”

    Those moments are Enough
    For the rest of my Life

    Holding you Abreast
    In my arms for you to Rest
    These days are the Best

    I have become insensible of Time
    What can I do if others think it’s a Crime
    For they know not its for me so Prime

    I am lost in this Bliss
    To come out from, I shall Miss
    Again into the mundane World of This

    I take in your breathed Air
    Inhaling it intoxicates, but its Fair
    Are we not committed to Bear

    Light emitting from thine Eyes
    Messages received from the Skies
    In the Hearts it Lies

    We are tied in the Love Belt
    I am cool, in your warmth I melt.
    Did you hear about it and Smelt.

    Those moments are Enough
    For the rest of my Life

    It goes like that.
    Now could you find a Picture of two lovers, the female being in the arms of her beloved and both seeing into each other’s eyes. The female’s eyes scintillating. If its a Painting that you can find or a graphic image not real photos. I hope you understand. I shall send you the rest of the lines.I think I am almost complete. You may suggest some changes or add also.

    So now you understand the comment fully. Yes or No.

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    • I have posted two photos on your poem So..that’s Enough.
      Yes now I fully understand the comment, thank you!


    • I did see the Photos, they are intimate though but at the same time a bit sexy.
      I have selected a few, one among them I would put it here. I think they should go with the Poetry.
      Now, please, please do not mistake me, to make our discussions as far as possible to be among we both only, I put some comments in your previous posts. As I don’t have a choice. I do not know how you feel if we could send to our mails. But please don’t think it is obsessive or compulsive what I am telling. I understand certain things. Sometimes they have to be elaborative and should not hit at one’s privacy.
      I hope you understand.

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    • I was not sure what you had in mind. Please use the pictures you choose. You know best what you are thinking, I don’t mind at all, in fact I think it’s best.


    • That’s fine.
      I have published it just now, go see, I used all the pics.
      Hope you liked them all.
      It spells of all who shall read.
      It is the feeling of all.
      Its love afterall.
      Your esteemed Comment Madam, Please.


  3. Deb!
    I could not put the picture here. I tried it some other way, but could not find the way. I tried to copy and paste it, but the paste option is not showing. How to do that.

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    • It’s okay. I rather you choose your picture for the poem, it would be more meaningful that way. When I have more time I’ll tell you how I did it. Have a beautiful day!


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