what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

31 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. This is a great quote because it is so true!

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  2. The True Light!

    Hi Deb! How are you today? Sorry for your Pats…guess my Broncos won but their defense did the job, not much offense. Anyway, I’m grateful I have a few interests in life which keep a smile on my face…(writing, sports, etc,.) Have a good one…Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Well as I thought about, although I was disappointed I also realized how many fans would love to be 10-2 right now? I only hope Tom can get some players that can actually catch the ball, he had to show them how it’s done…did you see the highlight where they threw the ball to him and he ran down the field..I laughed right out loud and said…who says he’s not mobile! HA oh well…I’m glad you have other things to make you smile too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • The True Light!

      No I missed that play, our game coverage is different from yours of course. And you’re right, a good number of teams would love to be 10-2 right about now. You are right once again about needing some receivers and help on the “O” line!
      Tom is having a great year for himself despite the injuries right now. The Pats just seem to know how to win…

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    • I hope they keep knowing… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • The True Light!

      Oh of course they will keep winning. They’ll probably wind up playing for the Super Bowl…again!

      It may be against the Panthers this season…

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    • I was hoping they would both go to the Super Bowl undefeated, wouldn’t that have been exciting!!

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    • The True Light!

      Oh absolutely it would have. I believe the Panthers will lose at least one of their remaining games however. It’s just the numbers game, or the “odds.”

      But the Super Bowl is always exciting no matter whose it…at least it is to me!

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    • Ok see how desperate we are we just signed Terrell Owens!!! I love the guy, I think he’ll give 110% but…he’s 42…that’s how desperate we are!!! Oh Lord! :-0

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    • Hey, I still have his Cowboys jersey as a workout shirt…#81! He was once a good receiver so you never know what he might still have in the “tank!”

      Okay…it’s pretty desperate. But better a wide receiver than a very questionable QB…(Manning!)

      I love Peyton’s devotion and he was a great QB, maybe he still has something in the tank too. But that situation looks pretty desperate too…

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    • I agree and it will be fun to see what TO does still have! Get your popcorn ready!! I think this is Peyton’s last year, it was a magnificent career!!

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    • Yeah, I think he still wants to play, and I hope he doesn’t turn into another Brett Favre! That guy just couldn’t give it all up!

      I hope Peyton will come to his senses and just manage his business affairs and such. Let the career be the career!

      My popcorn is ready for all the games. Hey…what kind of beer does a fan drink when they are really pulling for their team?…wait for it…”root” beer, of course! Yes ma’am, I’ll stick to posting…

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    • That made me laugh right out loud, I love it!! Please, share more!!!

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    • Oh Deb…I’m like the vitamin…”One A Day.” Besides, my material starts to run into the “unfunny” real quick. One example:

      “My wife is such a good cook. But tell me, how can toast have bones?”
      “I named my dog Egypt because everywhere he goes he leaves a pyramid…”

      Okay…I’ll really stick to my posting now!

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    • Ah you made me laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hey, Deb! Well, it’s your time to be happy. The Pats are the best team in football, I do believe. They looked great yesterday…Gronk is back and strong! Brady looks like he’s 5-6 years younger than he is. And that winning “machine” in N.E. keeps going!

      Denver looked bad again. Were it not for a good defense, (not the best), and a couple of lucky breaks, we’d be like 8-5 or 7-6!

      All I can say is that we’d better get our eye on a good QB because Peyton AND Brock aren’t going to help us next year…

      They may have to change their name from Broncos to Ponies! Oh, BTW, how are you doing? hehe…

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    • Yes I was very pleased to see that both Denver & Cincy lost…oops sorry! ;-). My fantasy football team took a beating! Andy Dalton is my QB and Gronk was on the bench as I didn’t think he’d see much playing time so I threw in Coby Fleener…he stunk! My heart is just not in it this year and it shows I’m in 9th out of 10, last year I was first!! I like being first better! HA! Oh well…Ya Denver is going to have to see what’s out there, anyone coming up from college? Do you watch college? I don’t, my parents love college football!! And how are you?

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    • Well, I can imagine 1st feels a lot better than 9th…(Fleener?) Oh well, we all have off days for sure.

      Yes, I watch college football but not in the same way as the pros. I don’t follow but a few teams and players, and then not very closely. But I love to be there for as many college games as I can be.

      As for future QB’s in Denver, Osweiler is a free agent in 2016, but his salary won’t open up enough cap money to buy a proven vet. And I don’t see a great college standout either. Glad I’m not in Elway’s shoes!

      Too bad about Dalton as your QB for the week. Too bad for Cincy too as they are all but done without him!

      Oh, I’m doing okay I guess. Feel like I’m in a bit of a rut lately…


    • OK first of all let me just say all the TE’s were taken…the season is almost over afterall…I should have known better though!! The “professionals” said he’d have a good game against Jacksonville! HA!!! And wait the news gets better…I ended up in LAST place!! Oh well there’s always next year…oh wait that was the Red Sox motto until they finally won!! Maybe Elway will make a comeback! Oh and I found out the TO signing was a hoax!! If you’re feeling in a rut then you must step out and do something you would never do! Go volunteer at a soup kitchen or senior center for a week that will definitely make you feel better or do some kind of volunteer work…let me know what you decide to do! It will cheer you up…:-)

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    • Okay, I get that all the TE’s were taken. I can even see why you’d follow the advice of the “experts” about Fleener. But still…

      Ah, it’s okay. We all have made mistakes based on hunches or some kind of advise. It goes with the fun of being a “hopeful” fan!

      As for my rut, I’m going over some options. I don’t want to make any quick moves I may regret. I plan on talking to some people about what I may be able to do. The nerve damage in my legs keeps some of my options limited.

      I thought about visiting a few housebound members of my church family, but too much driving around and getting in and out of the car may be problematic. However, I haven’t ruled it out on a limited basis…

      I am not surprised about TO’s signing being a hoax. He’s basically done under any conditions as a player, period!

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    • Well I hope your options work out for you…I forgot about your legs. You’ll figure it out, I’m sure!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Oh I’ll figure something out. It may involve trying some things and finding out if I like doing it or not. But that’s how we find out a lot of things about ourselves and our lives…

      I’ll pray too as God will help me in my endeavors as well.

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    • Before you go to sleep tell your subconscious to show you! Do this for as many nights as it takes…until you are shown! And you will be!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I don’t know. It’s crazy, but most of my dreams still center around working. I was way too young when I was told I couldn’t work anymore due to my legs.

      I had an active job, (I was a car salesman for many years), but walking the lot and getting in and out of cars all day was too much for me finally. Now it would be way too much.

      I’ll try the subconscious thing for a while and see what happens. Thanks for the advice, Deb!

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    • You should listen to Napoleon Hill or Stuart Wilde audio books on Youtube, as I had mentioned before they talk about the subconscious. Stuart Wilde uses colorful language but he’s a riot…he’s since passed but he has a very interesting take on life and reaching your goals or living your dreams!

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    • Well I went to You Tube and listened to a couple of things from Hill and a bit from Wilde…interesting. Had no idea Hill was as old as he is…(was).

      Sounds like he was ahead of his time a bit! Wilde I didn’t understand as well as Hill but he probably had some merit to what he was saying.

      I’m not sure about the suggestions, but I’ll think them over. I’ve had some problems with confidence over the years…I really see where it has contributed to holding me back at times. Thanks for the suggestions, Deb, that’s a nice thing to do! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Oh that is awesome, I’m so glad you did!! Ya Stuart Wilde takes some getting used to…after first I wasn’t sure about him, but he’s grown on me and now he makes me laugh…here are some more I think you would like, just search their name in the Youtube search bar and up will come there stuff.. of course Dr. Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Ernest Holmes, Neville Goddard (I think you’ll like him alot) that should keep you busy for awhile!! Let me know who you like, if any. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Wow, you are really into this aren’t you! I’ll see what a couple of them are like and let you know. Thanks so much Deb, you are really a big help with this!



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