Poetry 101, Day 1: Magic


It’s the end of the year. Nature is already entering its revolution phase: hibernation in the Northern Hemisphere, burning heat in the Southern. It’s the magic of life. Like Mother Nature, you too can give your life a new beginning. What magic have you accomplished in the past year? Be it small or grand, it’s worth celebrating in a poem!

You can write about something you did that made you feel young again, or maybe about that difficult undertaking you finally completed. (I, for example, mastered French lemon meringue pie; as we say here, “it wasn’t cake.”) You might also take inspiration from a dream that came true, or from a difficult situation resolved in a fairytale-like ending. Of course, everyday magic (or even failed magic) works too!



Puppy Kisses
Baby Giggles
Moonlight Wishes

Jello Wiggles

Dancing Snowflakes
Orange Skies
Apple Crumb Cakes

Shooting Stars
Men from Mars
Talking Dolls

Bell that Rings
Twinkling Lights
Angel Wings
Mountain Heights

North Pole
Pumpkin Carriage
Swimming Hole
Happy Marriage

Helping Hand
Pot O Gold
Growing Old



24 thoughts on “Poetry 101, Day 1: Magic

  1. I love it! It’s magical!

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  2. I love the lighthearted way this drips of gratitude!

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  3. Yay! This poem just made me smile!

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  4. You are such a natural Debbie – I love this! It made me smile – I tried to join but missed the final chance 😦 might see if they will still let me on! xx

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  5. It’s magical and Christmasty! I feel like dancing as I read 😀

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