Poetry 101, Day 5: Freedom

Photo by Impossiblebebong

Photo by Impossiblebebong


I don’t take freedom lightly
Not even very slightly
Lives have been taken
Homes have been shaken

All in the name of Freedom

It was a beautiful sunny day
When it suddenly all turned gray
Without warning rapture came
Would I ever be the same?

Fireballs in the sky exploded
Life as we knew it now eroded
Shocked that what we saw was real
How in the world could we ever heal?

A day so tragic from the start
Forever will it stand apart
What a senseless, ruthless tragedy
Hating us because we’re free

Free to pursue our wildest dreams
Free to believe whatever it seems
Some think that theirs is the only way
So they killed one sad, sad day

Freedom is a luxury
Afforded both to you and me
Go inside your mind to dwell
Live in Freedom, not in hell

I say a prayer at nine eleven
Knowing that they’re all in heaven
Hoping that their soul’s at rest
And wish their families my very best

(c) Deb/2015

43 thoughts on “Poetry 101, Day 5: Freedom

  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I love it!! It says a lot about freedom! (P.S. You might want to use your full name on your copyright, you don’t have to, you can keep it the way it is, but anyway, it is something you might consider). Seems you are Aceing the Poetry class!

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  2. Powerful poem. My son was only 2 when 9/11 happened. But he’s learned about this day and all that came from it. I think it’s part of the reason he wants to join the Marines when he graduates. He could probably get into many colleges with his good grades in advanced classes. But he wants to serve his country.

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    • Thank you, it’s a step away from my usual fun, light and happy poems, but that’s what I think of when I hear the word Freedom. I remember standing on my front steps holding a lit candle and everyone else on the street doing the same. And all the cars driving around with the American flag on their car, it was such a proud and yet immensely sad time and I think of it every time I see the clock at 9:11…I just can’t forget it. Wow you must be very proud of your son! It takes a very special person who wants to serve his country. Bravo to you and him!! πŸ™‚

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  3. Indeed freedom is a liberty that we cannot fail to appreciate .

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  4. A great tribute to 9/11. πŸ™‚ Nice poem, Deb πŸ™‚

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  5. A heartwarming tribute to the many lives lost 😦 a beautiful poem Debs ❀ xx

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    • Thank you! Unfortunately I’ll never forget that day, where I was, what I was doing, and just how the whole day just kept unfolding with worse and worse news. It was so surreal! 😦

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    • It’s so tragic – I was in a law lesson at college when I heard the news – so so heartbreaking 😦 xx

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    • It truly was, I was at work and my boss came in and said there’s something on the news about a small plane hitting the twin towers and at first we thought it was an accident but I have a small tv like a 5″ screen small and I put it on and as I said the news kept getting worse and worse and such a sulliness fell over the office. One of the woman I work with, her brother worked in twin towers and of course she was freaking out, she was finally able to get in touch with him later in the afternoon and fortunately he was alright, he had an appointment elsewhere that day!!! Yup so many tragic stories! xo

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    • Oh my – that must’ve been horrific 😒 it was horrible watching it unfold here in the UK – never mind for it to have happened on your own doorstep – so many lives πŸ˜” xx

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    • There was a girl from the town I work in that was killed in the towers and there is a monument with an eternal flame, right on the green at the end of the street, I pass it every day and am always reminded that way too. Every year they have a large ceremony.

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    • How sad 😦 it’s nice that you all have a ceremony to remember the many souls lost that tragic day ❀️ xx


  6. This is a very meaningful poem Deb. It shows how hard it is to keep freedom and the price we pay for it, that others don’t agree with it. Your mention of 9/11 was well placed. That day truly showed the price we pay for freedom and that people will fight for it. Well written

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