Now that I have your attention, it’s not what you think!

A few years ago I was sitting on my couch, probably eating ice-cream, when on came a Jillian Michaels’ Workout Ad for her new Body Revolution program that was guaranteed to get you in shape in 90 days.  The commercial grabbed my attention and before I knew it I ordered the 15 DVD workout program.

I arose early each morning to do the routine and completed the 90 day program.  By the end of the 90 days I loved working out so much I continued with it.  I lost 36 lbs and numerous inches plus dropped a couple of pant sizes, it was fabulous!  I was a bit overweight at the time, I am 5’2″ and I weighed 143 lbs. which is more than I should.  I got down to 107 lbs. and was told by my Dr. that I should not lose anymore weight.

I bought lots of new clothes because everything was too big…boy was that thrilling!!  Every night I would plan out what to wear the next day.  The best part was, anything I put on fit (I know, don’t hate me) without it tugging here or being tight there, something I did not give much thought to at the time.

I continued working out for 2-1/2 years, then last winter hit!  It was so unbelievably cold EVERY morning, like 18 below zero cold!!!  It became too cold for me to want to get out of my warm, toasty bed to workout, so I stopped.  I would workout again when it became warmer I thought, except I didn’t.

I rather enjoyed sleeping later in the morning.  No worries, I’ll just take a little time off then start again when I’m ready…but I didn’t.

In addition to not working out anymore, I began to eat my favorite – chocolate, chocolate chip ice-cream every night.  I ate healthy all day long.  I’d have an orange juice & vitamins when I got up, drank an Ensure when I arrived at work, around 10 a.m. I ate a Nutri-Grain bar, 11 a.m. it was banana time, lunch was a yogurt, water and 3 fig newtons, suppertime was either a 4 oz. steak or chicken with vegetables.  So how much could a little (1/2 pint) of ice-cream hurt?

Well apparently between the ice-cream and not working out it can hurt a lot.  I gained 25 lbs…yup!

What I find most revealing is that when I get dressed in the morning, of course all my clothes are tight now and I am so uncomfortable in them it completely ruins my mood!  I realize now how great it was to be able to throw anything on, have it fit comfortably and not give it a second thought.

Oh I’ve tried to start working out again, a few times.  I started with Jillian but just wasn’t up for the heavy-duty boot camp routine.  I tried Yoga but had to keep looking at the tv to see if I was doing the pose right, which would make my neck hurt.  However, I do intend to return to Yoga because I love the whole mind, body, soul theme plus I subscribed to Yoga Journal.  So once more, I stopped working out and slept in again, of course loving that option, however the pants are still too tight!

So I have finally done three things; 1) bought bigger pants so I don’t start off my day upset, 2) stopped eating the ice-cream except for Saturday nights and 3) started working out doing a 20 minute workout instead of a 35 minute one, that way I get 10 extra minutes of sleep in the morning…ha!  (It’s all about that extra sleep in the morning, if only I would go to bed earlier but I don’t!)


Buying the bigger pants was the best decision.  Everything is comfortable again, I’m not tugging at my underwear all day long, pulling them back into place, I’m happy again!  My weight goal is now around 120.  I was told I got too skinny and perhaps I did, although I liked it, but it would take a lot of effort to get there again.  I’ll be just as happy with myself at 120 lbs. and in my bigger pants!

So, size matters when you want to start your day off right, get pants that fit!!!  😉


(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

19 thoughts on “~ SIZE MATTERS! ~

  1. Is it You in the picture, I mean at the right side, it seems a little like that. But just to get confirmed.
    If it was You; Oh! You in those Boxing gloves I am rather scared. Toning up in 2016!!!!!.
    As for this post, I would want to contribute through my knowledge and experience of Fitness, Yoga and Health-Consciousness.
    Of all the things that come under this purview – Running, Jogging, Walking, Swimming, Work-Outs, Acrobats and Yoga. I personally feel it is Yoga that is Supreme and you also have said it. Ofcourse all others have their advantages. I am not understanding how to put it in short as I want to tell so many things. First and foremost do not ever think of reducing the weight, it shall, when you just play with your body. Do not go for commercial Ads about them. Do not ever consult a doctor on that. You may, only if there are disorders in the body. Yes! size matters, you have to check to the popular 32-26-32 thing which I think you know better, does it vary by the person’s height? In workouts there is muscle development, in swimming the lungs and other parts get a boost, but unlike in Yoga your slim is maintained and the mind gets cooled, the equilibrium is recovered. For every part of the body to get to its originality an Asana (Posture) is there, you have to do it in the personal advice of somebody who knows it, seeing to the TV and doing shall not be of much use. Another important thing is, the Age of the person and his or her ailments are to be considered. Diet also matters but you should not take it too much to your head. I do not have your email so that we can interact and convey, I give here mine you can mail me for anything you want. shivamalekopmath@gmail.com
    This last sentence I liked– ‘I’ll be just as happy with myself at 120 lbs. and in my bigger pants!’
    Don’t look skinny Baba!
    Good Sleep, Good Food, Good Thoughts, Good Exercise and Yoga, Good Swim whenever time permits, Good Interaction and Pranayama and Meditation shall be the Mantra.
    Size Matters on its own.

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    • Oh Shiva you are so wise! No that is not me in the picture, they are two women who have an exercise program nationally even perhaps internationally. You are right that I should take a Yoga class in order to learn properly, I did take one many years ago for a short while but it is in learning the workout that I have to watch what they are doing to know what to do. Thank you for your email and offer of help, so thoughtful of you. I wasn’t trying to lose a lot of weight originally but after I did and then gained most back I was too uncomfortable and had to do something!! I will take your advice and be smart about it! Wishing you a healthy day!!
      Deb xo


  2. Honestly, weight matters make me hiss. They are so easy to gain and hard to shift.

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    • You look fabulous so no worries, Jacquie. xo

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    • Thank you for that lovely compliment 🙂

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    • What kind words Sabiscuit and you are right, she looks fabulous!! xo

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    • Lol! That made me laugh out loud…my original intent was to get off the couch and into shape, which I did and truly enjoyed!! Alas my warm cozy bed won the battle over the cold harsh winter…I think it’s important to do some sort of exercise for my body, just not to the extreme of Jillian again..something more gentle but effective, that’s why I want to turn to Yoga..but I feel like I need to get into shape first and then maintain it with the Yoga…I have about 10 lbs more to go to achieve the 120 lbs that I want…but in the meantime I think I’m going to hiss at the pants that don’t fit me anymore!! HA!! 😉


  3. Oh I admire you for getting up early and doing an exercise program and losing so much weight! It is so easy to slack off and get back to old patterns. You sound like you are at the perfect size now! Remember, we don’t have to look like magazine models! LOL! xoxo ((Hugs!!))

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    • Thanks! I really enjoyed doing it…it just was sooo cold….anyways I’m getting there, have 10lbs more to go to my goal of 120lb. Ya I’m not interested in looking like magazine models (well maybe just a little) no just kidding!! 🙂 HA! xoxo


    • That is the same reason I haven’t been going to the department store to walk in the mornings — it’s too cold! (Even to get there. Ha!)
      I think we all kind of want to look like the magazine models but truth be told – they don’t look that good in real life. xoxo

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    • You are so right…really I want to be healthy and toned but not stick thin…I think it’s good for my body to be exercised, just not extremely! xo


  4. Oh, it takes determination to stick to those things that work. But, alas, I’ve not been known for great goobs of stickiness…

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  5. Whoa! I thought that was you for sure! Gaaaaa! But Deb, get to it girl. My wife and I went through the same thing. Last June, I gawked at a photo taken of me in Japan. I looked like a blue whale that had washed up on the beach. OMG! We hemmed and hawed with our diet then in August we got serious with a meal substitution drink…Shakeology. It was okay but too expensive. We shifted to Idealshape and started going to the gym and of course I walked Cody twice a day. Now, five months later, I’ve lost thirty pounds…and I’m getting out the old clothes I couldn’t wear before. Sadako lost weight…she wasn’t so big though…I was the problem.
    The thing is…it’s more of a health issue than looking like a teenager. My lower back pain is gone…I can put on my pants in the morning without falling back against the wall. I sleep better. And I have more energy…which means more time to write. Yeaaaaa!

    But what you’re doing sounds great…so keep to it. The problem ultimately isn’t losing…it is…as you well know…keeping it off. dang that’s hard. I’m sitting here now wearing medium size pants…from x-large. I remind myself every morning as I EASILY put on my pants…stay slim!
    So get those low-riders out and look forward to the day where you can toss the comfy pants.

    Bless you!

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    • You hit the nail on the head! I had some much more energy and just felt great overall..that’s why it’s calling me back so strongly!!! I want to exercise my body and keep it in good working order especially as I grow older..it helps with the aches and pains, alleviates them actually! I’m just trying to find the right program for me now, not too brutal but effective. Congratulations to you and Sadako for losing the weight…and Cody gets the benefit of going for walks twice a day!!! :-)…from an X-large to a Medium is fantastic. I had gone from a medium to an extra small…that’s why I feel that it’s not necessary to be an extra small but it is necessary to keep my muscles in shape and not flabby…I’ll hang those low-riders where I can see them for added incentive!! Thanks for the encouragement!!! 🙂

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  6. Deb my Mom is about the same size as you and you were relatively the same weight when you started to lose. My Mom is about 115 lbs in the summer when she is out biking once a day. She is probably about your weight now. Being busy at work, eating at Chrismas, etc. I think she would agree with you that it is better to be a little extra heavy and be able to enjoy yourself. She has bought a stationary bike to go on but she had been too busy at work. Best of luck with your goals and I’m glad you are a size you want to be and are healthy at.

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