~ 2016 Year of the Change, Step 5 ~


Achieving our goal(s) is accomplished 90% with our mind and 10% with our plan.  We will discuss planning, in more depth, in future posts, but will touch on it briefly today.

Alignment is both a part of our mind and our plan and should begin now.

What do I mean by alignment?  Alignment: an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another (Merriam-Webster).  You should align yourself with someone in your inner circle; being of family or friends, and your outer circle; being of someone in the field of your goal.

You want to collaborate with others who will help bring your goal to fruition.

Family/Friend – your Inner Circle Alignment – choose someone who will unconditionally support you in achieving your goal.  Someone you can turn to for encouragement, who believes in you completely.  This way if you become discouraged or doubtful of yourself, your inner circle person can help boost you back up, get you back on track with your goal.  They can also be your sounding board for different ideas you may have.  If you cannot find such a person remember, you always have God, both inside and outside of you!

Outer Circle Alignment – this will be the person or media who will serve you in accomplishing your goal.  For example, if your goal is to become an author, align yourself with a publisher or publishing company or contact your local newspaper to see if they will print your article/story.  The internet is also a place to have your writings published, for example, is your local newspaper online, most are today, contact them and find out what is necessary to be published on their site, ask what kind of articles/stories/poems they are interested in publishing.  These are just a few brief examples and ideas to help launch you in the right direction.

If your goal is to exercise perhaps you want to join a local club, find online courses, buy workout DVDs, local hospitals, senior centers and YMCA’s offer various exercise classes.  If your goal is to learn how to play the piano, find a music store that offers lessons, maybe you know someone who teaches how to play, or perhaps the local schools or colleges are offering classes.

Today’s “assignment” is to list in your journal who you choose to be your inner circle alliance person, inform them of it and explain to them what it means to you.  Also decide what persons, groups, organizations or other media avenues will be your outer circle alliances.  Don’t limit yourself in your list of outer circle alliances, the more choices you have the better.

Once you list your outer circle alliances, start your research to find them and perhaps even reach out to them.


Until next time…journey on!


(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016


7 thoughts on “~ 2016 Year of the Change, Step 5 ~

  1. This is great Deb! I particularly love the quote at the end. I think having support while working on reaching our goals is important. ((Hugs!)) xoxo

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  2. Very good advice. I have noticed sometimes, that someone I just happened to be talking to ends up to be a writer or publisher or someone who is interested in the business of writing. Keeping an open mind and chatting with people about what you like and have in common is a great way to align yourself.

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    • Thank you. I believe that you cross paths with people for a reason. Sometimes you realize it and sometimes you don’t, but all along life’s journey there are many paths we can take and we are given choices daily which way to go. One path is never a mistake over another it just may be longer or shorter to where you are aiming to end up. Often when we choose a certain path there are things along that path that may change our minds on our course and then we start a new journey. Hey this could be a post…the more I write this the more my mind is opening up about it! I love it when that happens… 🙂

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    • And I love an open-minded person. you can not go wrong with that attitude!

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    • Thank you again…I am an open-minded person and you are right, it is very helpful to approach life with an open-mind…don’t want to miss out on something and you never know what’s important initially!

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