~ 2016 Year of the Change, Step 6 ~


  1. Write down on a separate piece of paper the first goal you wish to achieve, be precise.
  2. Set a date by when you will accomplish this goal.
  3. Create a concise plan that will help you reach your goal.
  4. Begin today putting your plan into action.
  5. Read your goal aloud each morning and each night, read it as if you have already achieved it.

Here is an example:

My Goal

Enjoy this step, it’s an important one.


(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

20 thoughts on “~ 2016 Year of the Change, Step 6 ~

  1. This is great Deb! I will write these down. I hope you didn’t have to work too hard today. Have a wonderful restful evening and sweet dreams tonight! ((Hugs!)) xoxo

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  2. I see that I’ve done 1 to 4, feeling pretty good πŸ˜„. Now, if only the motivation would not waiver.

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  3. I don’t think I have to write my goals down. They’re haunting me in my dreams every night. It’s frightening. On another thought, maybe I should write them down so I can get a good night sleep.

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  4. All the very best to get to your goals!
    Though I know you won’t need luck to be on your side!

    Go for it!


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  5. I put all these goals on this page for you to remember me at the Year end.
    Ha Ha
    Sorry to give you one extra job.

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