what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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18 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. LOL! πŸ˜‚ We’ll have unlimited supply of quilt! πŸ˜„

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  2. I LOVE this!! This is so cute! And, a good thing to do! I was buried yesterday! My landline started having all this static where I can’t use it and the phone company won’t send a repairman until I try a new phone. I tried 4 new phones and they won’t work because of my ADT and Modem being hooked up to my phone. I have a cell phone, but I never upgraded to the iphones, because I didn’t use it that much. (I preferred using my landline). Finally, I had to upgrade and my new phone came in early yesterday morning and I have spent all day trying to learn it. I have been having trouble with the phone part of it (that’s what I’m not use to because my ipad didn’t have that), I have been watching the videos but it doesn’t say anything about using the phone part. I hate trying to learn new things like this (I’m technology challenged) and especially when under time pressure. Okay, I’m done complaining. LOL! So… GOOD MORNING!! Have a wonderful wonderful day!! ((HUGS!!)) Xoxoxo

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    • I too prefer landlines and I find that when I start getting static it means it’s time to replace the cord that goes from the phone into the wall. That’s because I have a 25′ cord so I can walk around the house and do things while on the phone. Anyway I wear it out apparently. I know having to learn something all over again can be daunting. I finally got a smartphone Aug 2014 and initially I thought I’ll never learn all this but I have learned alot and I love it!! It takes time. I bought my phone at Verizon and I went onto their site, type in the type of phone I bought and up came a page that had all the different features and a picture of the phone, so when I would click on a feature it would show me step by step how to do it and it would show where on the phone too…it was super helpful! You might try going onto Youtube and in the search bar type in the make and model of the phone and there should be many videos there to show you how to use it, or google the phone make and model and see what that does for you…good luck!!
      Now Good Evening!! Hope your day was a learning one.. πŸ˜‰ ((HUGS!)) xoxo


    • That’s very interesting! The cord? My problem is there are 3 cords going into my phone 1) ADT 2) the modem; and 3) the phone plug in to outlet (not jack). Which is the reason I can’t find a new phone for my service – because of all these plug ins. None of them allows for all my plug ins to plug into it. Century Link says it is probably my phone, but like I said, I can’t find a phone to accept these plug ins. Ugh! Big Mess. I have been watching videos on line but they go so darn fast! I have to keep stopping them and backing up. And they don’t go over the telephone part of it. I did finally find one that actually covered part of the messaging part of it. Yes, I have had quite a learning day! LOL!

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    • Try replacing all three if you can. Ya when I went onto Verizon support site and searched my phone there I could click on whatever I wanted to learn and it was not a video it was displayed on the screen in steps so like Step 1 push Settings and it would flash on the phone on the screen as to where Settings was so you could search around and go oh there it is ok, and then you would click on Step 2 so it made it so much easier to learn as you are right the videos do go too fast!! What kind of phone did you get maybe I could find what I had for you or i could send you the link I used and maybe it would work for you!! xo


    • I got the Apple iphone 6. (Not the 6+ or the 6S – just the 6). I just went into Verizon.com and put in my iphone 6 and it just took me to stuff they sell.

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    • That would be great to find something in steps like that.

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    • Let me go to my bookmark and see if it comes up.


    • Thanks! I just went on Goggle and found some sites but when I went into them they didn’t have steps or videos.


    • I found it…it’s under the simulator tab which is what I pasted below, go down to the bottom and drop down menus will appear choose what you want to know and it will show you on the phone on the screen as well as all the steps, out your pointer on each step and it will show it to you on the phone, try it…let me know if it works for you…yay!!


    • Thank you! I’m going there right now.

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    • Oh, I forgot! ((HUGS!!) xoxo

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  3. I love this one!! hi Deb! hope all is well!

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  4. Deb, this is one of your most special work here. It speaks volume!!!

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