~ 2016 Year of the Change, Step 7 ~


As we set out to achieve our goals often times we hit that wall.  I’m never going to accomplish my goal, I can’t do it, what was I thinking, it’s too much.

That wall has another name, DOUBT.


Don’t worry it’s part of the process.  It’s a hurdle that is put in front of you that asks “so how serious are you about accomplishing this goal?”  This is a gut check!  We all go through it, sometimes we don’t exit the other side and other times we do.  If you do come out the other side it’s because you are committed to achieving this goal, if you don’t, it wasn’t as important as you originally thought.

This is actually a wonderful process as it will eliminate for you the goals that, at this time, are not what you are really interested in, which then allows for more time and energy to be focused on the ones you do want to realize.

People often think that they have failed when they leave a goal by the wayside…no no no my friend you are filtering and learning, and learning is always a positive avenue.

So congratulations if you have hit that wall, dropped some goals initially listed, continued with others and perhaps added some new ones!

Evolving is part of the journey in achieving our goals.

Write down in your journal how you are feeling about your goals.  Have you waned in your desire to achieve them or intensified?  Are you reading your statement twice daily?  Does it need updating?  Also note in your journal how you are feeling in general; positive, negative, excited, energetic, and why.

(Side Note:  I have been bogged down with my full-time job which has delayed me in writing Step 7.)  I hope you are traveling in the direction of your goal(s).

Until next time, welcome the wall!!!


(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016


19 thoughts on “~ 2016 Year of the Change, Step 7 ~

  1. Great information about the process of obtaining our goals!

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  2. Doubt, the great motivator!

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  3. Deb, I’m ding the steps backwards, just like when I read biographies.

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