what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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  1. This is a great way to turn something negative into something positive! Good morning! I hope you have a wonderful day at work! ((HUGS!! Xoxoxo

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  2. Well, I’m VERY grateful for this nice sun that will dry the last coat of paint that I’ve just applied on my new bookshelves for my writing nook.
    Deb, I hope your day is full of wonder and warmth.

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    • Nice, what color did you paint it? Aw thanks for your kindness!! I’m excited about the wonder and since it’s snowing can really use the warmth!! 😉

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    • Thank you! I painted the shelves a dark crimson. The trim will be a medium beige color. So far everything is going to plan, which is to say no disasters! When I get done, I’m gonna post a pic on my blog.
      Oh, it’s snowing down here in Alabama! OMG! Cody and I have already been out in it. So far not much but hey, who knows?

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    • Oh good, I was hoping you were going to post a pic, I look forward to it. It’s always great when there are no disasters while doing a project…I can’t believe you are getting snow, that’s crazy! Has Cody ever seen snow before and does he love it? My dog always loved playing in the snow, he would love to get a pile of snow on top of his snout and bury his face in it too! HA!

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    • Oh, Cody loves snow. We had two heavy snows last year, and he went buck wild. He loves to gallup through the snow and chomp a bit as he goes. But yesterday’s snow was but a flurry after all. It’s gone. Poor Cody. The snow’s gone and all is left is a twenty degree wind. gaaaaaa.

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    • They’re so much fun, aren’t they. Don’t you wonder what the heckler is going on in their mind? We really need to learn from them how to live in the now and enjoy it as much as they do!! 😊


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