Why do I?

Weekly the local newspaper, with ads for grocery stores and coupons, is delivered to my and my neighbors driveways, tucked inside a pink plastic bag.  Some of my neighbors choose not to pick theirs up for several days, this drives me crazy!  Or like this week, it was very windy, so one of my neighbor’s “not picked up” newspaper and bag was blown up the street.  While my other neighbor’s bag remained on her driveway throughout the night, oh the horror of it all.  Well, *said in a huff* when I arrived home tonight, the bag that was blown up the street was now in my other neighbor’s yard, near my driveway, screaming at me…“come get me” so I did and promptly threw it away.  As I had so promptly done with mine yesterday!  The overnight bag was now in my front yard, also taunting me, and of course I marched right out there, swiped it off the ground, stomped back into the house and threw it away!  If they had only retrieved them when delivered, I wouldn’t have to throw everyone’s newspaper away!!!

Why do I feel it necessary to pick up these bags and throw them away?  Why can’t I just leave them lying around?  It doesn’t seem to bother the neighbors, why does it bother me?

But wait there’s more.  At work, when I see a hanging roll of paper towels and someone has torn off a sheet, but not cleanly, and there’s an extra piece connected to the next sheet, why do I have to rip it off so that the roll is nice and neat?  OR, if the next available sheet is hanging down and not rolled up, why do I have to roll it back so it’s not hanging?  And if I’m really honest about this, it’s not just at work, it’s anywhere!

I’ll continue to use work as examples.  In the bathroom on the counter is a bottle of liquid soap.  Why do I feel the need to clean up that soap that has oozed out, leaving a golden drop beckoning to me?!  Debbie, Debbie…..wipe me up, you know you have to.  And I hear it’s insidious laugh.

I walk down the hallway and see a paperclip that someone dropped on the floor, why do I have this uncontrollable urge to pick it up?  They didn’t seem to care that it dropped to the floor, they obviously didn’t need it or they would have picked it up, right?

In the kitchen, why do I clean up the coffee grounds, sugar crumbs and cream stains spilled there and left behind to mock me?  I don’t even drink coffee!

If a picture is crooked I straighten it, if a lampshade is askew I unaskew it, if a pencil sticks out I push it back in… 😉


Why do I?  And I have such a sense of satisfaction once it’s picked up, wiped up, cleaned up or straightened up…of course there is this grumbling going on under my breath, but let’s not go there!!

Anyhow, I was annoyed and now I’m not!!  Thanks for “listening”…

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

32 thoughts on “Why do I?

  1. Hahahahaha! Deb, you have the “mom” complex. I urge you to hang signs everywhere (mostly for yourself) that says, ‘YOUR MOTHER DOESN’T WORK HERE.” That may make these slobs pick up after themselves more and help you realize that all that “picking up after” isn’t your job. 😀

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  2. I did at home…used to. Till I gave up… Literally give up! I cleaned one area, they messed it up the next minute. My hubby is such a messy guy (so sad that the children takes after him!!! 😦 ). He would often say, “My mom didn’t bother to clean, why should you?” Well, I came from a family that housed cleanliness freaks, and like you, we didn’t allow a single speck of coffee power on the table. LOL! 😀 So whenever my mom complains how messy my house is, I’ll tell her, “the only way to keep it neat and tidy is to divorce my husband! He’s the culprit!” Haha! 😀

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  3. That’s because you are basically neat and clean by nature. I too love to place things in order but at some moment in my life I noticed that this habit of mine is becoming an obsession. Well, I still keep my things tidy but I admit it is not always easy to do every time. I like the way you are doing chores which other people are ignoring. It sure gives you pleasure and inner satisfaction (:

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    • Yes I’m definitely obsessed!! I do get such satisfaction…I always hear my mother telling me, a job done right is a job well done! Or something like that…oh ya and she also said Do it right the first time…I’m very much my mother in the neat and organized categories!! 🙂

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    • Oh, it sounds like my mother. She also never forgets to mention that we should do our job right in first time. Such kind of obsessions are good, for they give you inner satisfaction.
      It feels beautiful to read your post and this comment.No matter where we live and no matter what religion we follow, we human beings will continue to share some common traits and habits 🙂

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    • Yes you are so right! We are all connected and a part of each other no matter how far apart we may be! And listen to you Mom, she’s right!! 😉 You’ll discover that more and more as you get older, it’s only because she’s already lived what you are now living so she can offer wise advice…take it! 🙂

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    • True, thanks for writing this post and many thanks for reminding this lesson!!!

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    • You’re most welcome…thanks for stopping by, I always love to read your comments, they come straight from your heart!! 🙂

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  4. This is so me. I find my self getting sidetracked from things I actually have to do, abd I e

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  5. This is so me. I find myself getting sidetracked from my schedule because I’m picking up after other people. It’s probably just the way we’re wired, to need tidiness and order. It’s great to know we’re not alone. This is such a relatable post!

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  6. Hey welcome to the great world of OCD! At work, my colleagues gave me hell over the fact that I had to have two pencils on one side of my computer and two pens on the other. notepad centered above my centered keyboard…blah, blah,blah. (sigh.)

    I can totally relate!

    l walk my black lab Cody twice a day. From the side of the road, a lovely grassy way, I pick up trash: beer cans, coke cans, pizza boxes, McDonald’s bags!, cigarette packs, snuff boxes, plastic bottles…tons of plastic bottles…and so on. Folks just throw this crap out the car/truck window and hey, what the hell? Right? It’s amazing.

    This first part of my walk is the nice level strip right in front of our house. I want to keep it nice, of course, but the idea that that piece of paper is there! It doesn’t belong there. It’s wrong. So, I pick stuff up and drop it all into a nearby dumpster.

    One house at the end of the street had an old newspaper–sure enough–in the plastic wrap. It laid by the drive for days, then a month. It drove me crazy. then a dirty, green t-shirt showed up…on the ground, right beside the large county trash can! OMG! It laid there for three weeks.

    One drizzly morning I got the wrapped newspaper…it weighed fifty pounds! I left the t-shirt. I really wanted to get it off the ground, but it was just too weird. I felt like it was a trap or something. Maybe they were watching! Two weeks later the shirt finally disappeared.

    What is it? Why do people–or HOW do people not see these things? It’s all a mystery.

    I LOVED this post.

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  7. Well, I hope you find some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone!! I don’t think I have the bug as bad as you do, I, too, have to fix things so they are the right way. Like the trash on my school’s campus! If I had a dime for every piece of trash I have bent over to pick up there I could have retired years ago!! Personally, I think we inherited this curse from Mom! XO, Donna

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