~ I’ve Won Today! ~

You know when you have that conversation in your mind and you have it over and over and over again?  Well today, while I was showering, (and why does everything occur in the shower by the way?) I was thinking about work and letting it consume me, as I have done every day for over a year now and I’m tired of it.  So I decided that I was NOT going to let work interfere with my weekend…this is my time and I am not going to give work one more second of my mind.  After I decided this, my mind was flooded with the poem below, which actually came into my head in song form.  So there is a tune that goes with it, but I’ll let you make up your own if you so choose!  🙂

I pay no heed to you
This is what I choose to do
And you have no control of me
This morning I have set you free

Now you must go along your way
For you see, I’ve won today!
So would you be so very kind
As to please get off my mind

When ever will you understand
That you’re no longer in the plan?
I cut the cord and said goodbye
Be on your way, don’t even try

I’ve chosen to be sad no more
Let me show you to the door
You’ll no longer beat me down
I have tired of this frown


You start each day inside my head
But did you hear what I just said?
The conversation starts again
As you are trying to get in

But thrice I cut you from my life
My words are sharper than a knife
And all the time I wear this smile
Knowing you’ll be gone awhile

Oh you’ll be back again I know
But it’s getting easy to let go
My will grows stronger every minute
Especially without you in it

This battle it has gone my way
For you see, I’ve won today!

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

37 thoughts on “~ I’ve Won Today! ~

  1. This is absolutely wonderful, Deb!! That shower made you cleaner than usual. 😀 😀

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  2. Wonderful poem! And so glad that you won today! I guess the shower is a good place to daydream and be creative! 🙂

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    • Thank you! ME TOO!
      It really is…do you have some of your best ideas while showering? Not to get personal of course… 😉

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    • Lol! I do use that time to either think of absolutely nothing, or try to solve a problem, or think about what I need to do that day. But you’re so creative, I don’t think I could ever think of a whole poem in the shower and get out and remember it all and write it down! Great job 🙂

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    • Lol…well I think what helped is the fact that it did come into my head as a song…so I kept singing it over and over and it grew and grew..and as soon as I could I ran and wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it. As I was writing more was added.
      Thank you so much! 🙂

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  3. It cleaned your mind from all that stress! 🙂

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  4. Well expressed, Deb. Celebrate the victory…big or small, they all work. ☺

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  5. Congratulations…great poem too 🙂 x

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  6. I’m so glad you are winning – such a creative way to keep those consuming thoughts at bay! I do wish you happiness and peace in your work life though 😦 Since we spend so much of our day at work, we need to feel appreciated and fulfilled…Keep singing your song lovely lady because you deserve happiness xx

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  7. Well written, constructive solution! I have my more creative moments either in the shower or on the throne … quiet, relaxing space to calm our minds?

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  8. I will come to you on this, please wait.
    Its time ya!
    I am going to sleep.
    Baba D..
    its something I would like to comment, please wait I have to think.
    Good Night for now
    Should I have sweet dreams? OK I shall.

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    • If you say…I am to have Sweet Dreams…then you shall!! Ok I will wait for you on this, I look forward to your comment!


  9. Sometimes I find it difficult to get out of the shower. I also enjoy my time watching the birds and listening to / feeling the wind.
    Very nice poem that reflects so much of life. Not just the job. Thank you.

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    • Thanks Em! Funny you should say that, I have really been paying attention to the birds singing for about two weeks now. I have a robin in my yard that I have been talking to and I know he/she is listening to me, I can tell by the tilt of their head and they look at me. Plus it’s been a very windy day today and I have been listening to it howl and then I will stand at the window and just watch outside and appreciate the sky, clouds, sun, trees, life in general I guess. Thank you!


  10. Very well crafted..And an honest approach to express your thoughts… Looking forward to read more from your blog!!

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