Boy I must have a huge change on the way!  😉

what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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24 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Whoa! This is one I won’t be grateful for! Sorry! If you read my About page then you know I use to have severe depression and chaos is a good way to explain the worst part of this illness. Ugh. Good morning, Deb!! I hope you have a fabulous day! ((HUGS!!!) xoxoxo

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  2. I am grateful I stopped feeling nauseous and got rid of my headache. Feeling much better today.

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  3. I must say, I’m grateful it’s Friday because it means the weekend is coming. I’m so ready for the weekend.

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  4. Chaos first
    Changes next

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  5. It is scary, but it is true.There are many examples we can see in world and personal life too! Yes, it is scary, but it is true! 🙂

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    • So if we know this, then we should not be afraid of Chaos but rather embrace it, should we not? 🙂

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    • When I look back at the chaos, that paved way for blessings.. I look upon them with a neutral feeling now.Still some events of turbulence, though brought some new thinking , a better life later, but still I haven’t been able to embrace them. That is why I call them scary phases! 🙂

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    • Yes there is definitely good chaos and scary chaos..and we’ve all experienced both!! It’s wonderful when they do pave way for blessings!! 🙂


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