My dear friend PJ, also know as Priceless Joy of Beautiful Words, inspired me to buy a bird feeder.  She was talking about putting her hummingbird feeder out and I thought hmmm, I’ve never had a bird feeder, that sounds lovely, I want one.

Perhaps part of my desire for one was in hopes of being forgiven by the bird world.  Why?  Last week I killed a bird…yup, I’m ashamed of myself and I want to serve my penance.

These birds hangout around our box planters at work.  They are so cute and tiny.  I say good morning to them everyday.  I have roasted peanuts in my car that I feed to the squirrels and decided to drop a few for the birds to eat.  I would crush the shell so the birds wouldn’t have to break through it to get to the peanut inside.  One day last week, my favorite bird was sitting on the planter.  He/she is my favorite because he/she is adorably chubby (let’s not even discuss why he/she might be chubby, I couldn’t bear it).  I had already locked my car and was in a hurry to go inside.  I happened to have a couple of candied chocolate eggs, about the size of peanut M&Ms, in my lunch bag, so I dropped two in the planter for him/her to eat.  I thought, oh boy they are going to love these…mmm who doesn’t like chocolate!!  Right?

The next morning I walked into the building and after turning on the lobby light I noticed something dark on the sidewalk outside the front door.  I had not noticed it as I was walking in and would have passed right by it.  It looked like a pile of poop.  I stepped outside to see what it was and alas, it was my chubby friend, dead!  I thought oh no Chubby!  At first I thought, it must have flown into the glass, hit it too hard and died.  I asked one of the men from the warehouse to please dispose of Chubby, gently!!

As I sat at my desk thinking of poor Chubby, my dead friend, it occurred to me that maybe chocolate is not good for birds.  I googled it.  Sure enough chocolate will kill birds, so will the outside candy coating!  Oh no, I killed Chubby!!

As soon as I read that, I ran down to the planter to see if the eggs were there.  They were, however the candied coating was gone and just the chocolate remained.  It had rained the night before and I thought, maybe the rain washed away the coating, but parts of the eggs still had some coating on them.  I immediately removed the remainder of the eggs so as not to harm anymore birds.

Each morning as I pass the birds, I swear they are afraid of me, saying there she is, Chubby’s assassin.  I look at them and say “I’m so sorry, please forgive me, it was an accident, who knew?”

Here is a similar picture of the bird feeder I hung last night in honor of Chubby!

Photo courtesy of www.perkypet.com TO CHUBBY!  MAY YOU REST IN PEACE

(photo courtesy of http://www.perkypet.com)
(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

27 thoughts on “~ CHUBBY & THE BIRD FEEDER ~

  1. Lovely, good job👍

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  2. Oh no! Well, at least now we all know chocolate is bad for birds. Good luck with the birds and hope they’ll forgive you.

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  3. I was seeing to my mail saw your new post being a message for me to rush here to see the Chubby story.
    As I went reading the post I was thinking that a Photo of the Bird Feeder could help me to make one for my Pigeons in my factory, the Photo appeared down below which seems to be a feeder for princely Birds.
    I am now thinking the arrangement done for them in my premises is satisfactorily good, only thing is I have to make little more arrangements for the eggs not to fall down.
    This post shall be loved by your dear friend PJ as it seems to read like her fiction stories.
    Ha Ha Ha
    Convey my message to her and good wishes.
    I shall however visit her Blog shortly.
    Sunday Finissssssssssssshed!
    Shall go to bed now in a few minutes.
    xo xo xo

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    • I’m glad my feeder has inspired you, it’s quite a lovely feeder in fact! Your pigeons will love it! I will convey your message to her.
      Wishing you a pleasant night’s sleep, may you wake refreshed, renewed and full of great ideas!!

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    • LOL!
      No No No such princely feeder shall be stolen, my Dear! What can I do, the Birds may love it.
      Ok Ok such lovely feeders you will not get here.
      I shall sleep with your wishes, hope I shall get a good one to be fresh as you said tomorrow.

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    • Oh lol!! Make it out of wood but same design.
      It shall be morning for you when you read this…so Good Morning and have a Delightful Day!! 🙂


    • Thanks for the morning wish
      Yes I shall look to that.
      Now shall whistle for the week ahead.

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    • You’re most welcome!
      Whistle while you work…that’s from a Disney movie called Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.
      Now I’m off to bed…enjoy your day!

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  4. Oh no, poor Chubby!! But, at least he died happy! Now because of his memory you are going to make a lot of birds happy — and healthy! 🙂 xoxoxo

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  5. Oh yes and thank you for the shout out!! ((HUGS!!))

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  6. That must have been really tough for you to find chubby. Good news is birds are not one to hold grudges- for long at least. In a few days, there will be no more mention of chubby. They will simply focus on the fact that you have furnished them with fine dining. That bird feeder is of high quality, they appreciate that and will be singing your praise.

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  7. I am sorry to hear about Chubby! Birds are so innocent and weak, I feel sad when I see them hurt! But it’s Ok, it wasn’t your fault.Your intentions were good! May Chubby rest in peace!

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  8. Sorry about chubby Deb. Yes with most animals chocolate doesn’t seem to be a very good thing for them. My first dog was a small chihuahua terrier and ate a box of chocolates under the Christmas tree. My Dad was up all night playing ball with the dog and letting her outside, so she would work the chocolate out of her system, if he hadn’t the amount of chocolate she ate would have killed her. Lovely you bought a bird feeder and I hope Chubby’s eggs will be okay. You didn’t know, it was an accident.

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    • Thanks Mandi! Yes you are right, as much as we love chocolate apparently it is not good for animals..now I know! Wow I’m so happy your first dog didn’t die from the chocolate, I knew chocolate was bad for dogs, I had learned that too, but I didn’t think it would harm birds! It was an accident…but Chubby was so cute! 😦
      I have learned my lesson well!!

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  9. Beautiful feeder and post! Sorry about Chubby. 😦

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    • Thanks Michelle! All kinds of birds have been feeding from it all day, it’s been wonderful…and they are singing, (I have my windows open, it’s finally warm enough to do so) it’s fabulous!! A wonderful tribute to Chubby!! 🙂

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  10. poor chubby – your intentions were good! Enjoy watching the birds! I sure do!

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    • I have been watching out the window most of the day and listening to them singing…it’s been wonderful!! Thank you…something sad has turned into something happy…I like that!! 🙂

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