Hi God, what’s Your favorite tree?

I was watching a reality show last week and this exchange occurred between two people:

“No one ever talks to God unless they need something.”
“Well what would the other reason be to talk to God?”

I thought about that comment and the more I thought about it the more I realized they were right, at least for me.  Recently, I have most definitely changed the way I talk to God, especially since listening to Joel Osteen and Oprah, both talk about thanking God rather than always asking for help.  For instance you should say, thank you God for bestowing Your favors upon me, or if there is something you want rather than say, God please help me find a new job, you should say thank you God for bringing the perfect job to me.  Thank you God for bringing me abundance, thank you God for my good health (say especially if you are ill) and so on.

So even though you are thanking God, you are still asking Him for things in a round about way.  When was the last time you just had a conversation with God?  Hi God, how’s Your day going?  What’s new?  What have You been up to?  What’s Your favorite color, what sign are You?  What’s Your favorite tree or flower?

Perhaps you do have these types of conversations with God, if so I think that’s pretty amazing and what is His favorite tree?  😉

Of course, I will always thank Him for the many blessings He bestows upon me!

However, I’ve also decided that I’m going to sit quietly and let Him tell me about His day!

I’ll keep you posted.

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

23 thoughts on “Hi God, what’s Your favorite tree?

  1. ❤️ How sweet that is, I think I will join you.😌

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  2. I think he would say, “My favorite tree? All of them.” LOL! This is a great post!

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  3. michelle213norton

    I converse with Him constantly, of course it’s mostly one way, me talking. I like to think that He savors every word. The thing He wants more than anything is to be included, to be invited to go along with you in your life. If anyone is interested, there is an excellent book about this called “Practicing the Presence of God.” You could also check out my practice as well https://upwardspiral213.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/double-ride/

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    • I believe He does savor every word. And I agree that’s what He wants. Thank you for sharing the info about that book and I going to go read your post!! I hope others will too!! 🙂

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  4. Keep posting about your talk with him.
    I do the other way.
    I not only talk to him but also quarrel and he too does quarrel with me.
    And both start quarreling with the world.
    We win in the quarrel.
    Then the world keeps silent, and we both go to our abode.
    Smiling at each-other and at the world.

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    • I used to ask Him why, but not so much now, I’ve learned that He knows best and He would not allow something to happen to me if something greater was not in store. So even when some things seem down right awful there is a reason for them. We may find out that reason and we may not but we must believe that He loves us and wants only the very best for us!!


    • Dear Deb!
      There is no doubt that He loves us and has the best for us. When he wants the best for us , why people are having the worst for themselves. Questions arises, isn’t? He always wants something greater for us no matter what. It’s the belief that has made us closer to him. I should say you have come to the path but you stop somewhere and you do not know where. It is for us to go ahead, he shall show the path and provide all the ingredients, it is for us to find the goal. You seem to have the feeling that what was to come to me shall come, what was not shall not. It is a very popular saying and feeling; that is why the words fate and destiny are used.
      Even in spirituality the universal rule applies that one should Try and achieve for the higher thoughts and go into the higher realms of it; there is no stoppage anywhere. I am trying to tell you the gist in very few words, I am afraid if you could receive it in full spirit.
      I wanted to describe them to you through other means, but you seemed to be satisfied with what you have and what He has in store for you. Well nobody can do anything about that, its your life your path.
      I wanted to mail, but for your silence; I only wanted to know what are those things which made you uncomfortable, even after my reply, I have understood almost of it. I only feel there was no necessity on keeping silent.
      I only wish you, like Him, the Best.
      In Good Spirit!

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    • Thank you Shiva. I am not at the level of higher self that you are. I am learning. You teach well. If the time comes and I am ready, I shall open myself up more freely. I am on my path and I have to learn on my terms and with what I am comfortable with even if it’s not understood right now.
      I wish you the Best too!

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    • One should be free and that is the Mantra.
      Do not accept anything that clasps you or make make you held, I mean unfree you.
      I like the spirit.
      But the word ‘terms’ is harsh here, I think it is more so used in business circles.
      I could elaborate it , but that shall rise to controversies, which I do not want to get involved.
      I can only say they become ……….
      Let all best shower on You.


  5. Saying Sayonara to each other.
    Poor thing you cannot join us as the timings are different.
    Can only now say Hugs in the Air.
    Ha Ha Ha

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  6. My favorite conversations with my cats (hey, I live alone, it happens!) go like this: “Who made you so special? Did God make you so special? Well, thank you, God.” I need to have more conversations like those. Simple thanks for the things I value everyday.

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    • Hee hee, I live alone too so I know exactly what you mean and I don’t have pets right now but I have plants and I talk to them all the time! I talk to the birds, the trees, the sky, the moon, the sun. I love that conversation I think we should say that to all things, animals, plants, homes, furniture, people…imagine if every one did what a beautiful world this could be!!! I am going to start saying that to my plants, especially since I don’t have the greenest of thumbs! xo

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  7. I realized recently that I never say “I love you God.” I tell people I love them. I tell my doglets I love them. But I never stop and say, ” hey God, I really do love you. Thanks for being in my life”.

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  8. Hi Deb, Nice post! I don’t think God has a favorite tree. I think he loves all the trees equally, as he loves all of us (His children) equally. However, I could be wrong about that. 🙂 I would have to wait for a response back from God to find out, though. 🙂 Glad you are learning to talk to God. It wasn’t easy for me at first either. I didn’t know how I should be speaking to him. Then I was watching Joyce Meyers one day,and she said to just talk to God like you are talking to a close friend. I have been doing that ever since. I talk to him daily as if I am talking to a close friend. I find that way of communication to be easier for me. I chat while getting ready for work or while cleaning and even while at work some days. Thanks for this post!

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    • Well after I wrote the post I did ask Him and I heard Oak, but that may or may not have been Him as I agree with you, I believe He probably does love them all equally, as He does us. Oh I’m going to look up Joyce Meyers, I love learning of new people to listen to. I have been doing exactly what you described…one of my dear blogging friends from Pakistan had written about falling on the stairs while saying her prayers and we got into a conversation about how she says a prayer before everything she does. Getting up, getting dressed, climbing stairs and I thought about that and asked her what she says and she said that she thanks God for the dress she is wearing that day or the food that she is able to buy or the health that she has to climb the stairs, always showing gratitude and thankfulness to God. So I wanted to do that. In the beginning I kept forgetting but then I started to remember and from the thanking of God prayers the prayers started to turn into conversations with Him and it’s been such an unbelievable journey. I can sincerely feel a difference in my day and in my spirit. I’m going through a trying period right now at my job and this is where I need His help the most and by talking to Him all day at work, as well as at home, it’s helping me to cope with my job.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment and sharing with me, I truly appreciate it!! xo


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