Dreams.  What are they?  What are yours?  Have you had any come true?dreams1

Only those dreams that you truly desire will you make come true and that’s okay.  In fact, that’s the way it should be.  Don’t waste your time, effort and energy on anything other than your desires.

You’ll know what to do when the time comes to live your dream.  Your inner self will guide you in the proper direction, listen to your gut, your intuition, it’s always right.

Don’t let life pass you by because you are too afraid.  You have the courage and the willpower, you do!

You can have many dreams you would like to realize or you could have just one.  Either way, it’s your choice.  Your dreams can be anything, they do not need be a physical goal.  For example, I dream of living more in the present rather than always thinking about the past or the future.  If I’m always thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, I’m not enjoying today.  What a shame!  So that’s a dream I am working on.

Another dream of mine is to control my thoughts and not let my thoughts control me.  Oh you might think this is an easy one, but seconds after I catch myself being ruled by my thoughts and I stop it, I’m being ruled by them again!!  UGH!

My point is, we always hear people say (including me – see above) make your dreams a reality or you can live your dreams, so I decided to define dreams.  At least what I’ve decided the definition of dreams is for me.  Dreams are what the heart desires.

What’s your definition?


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17 thoughts on “~ DREAMS ~

  1. my valiant soul

    Such an inspiring post.Dreams to me are your inner utmost valuable desire for which you have so much of9 dedication to attain,you can literally conquer the world just to attain it.

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  2. What an inspiring post Deb. Life without dreams would be dull and colorless.

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  3. I agree with your definition. Dreams are what the heart desires! Great post! The two dreams that you shared with us are great dreams to have!

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  4. My dreams keep me upbeat when life gets tough. I always have dreams big and small.

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  5. I love the dream to live in the present. That is a hard one as it seems like I am always looking forward to what needs to get done or looking back at mistakes I have made. Great post!!


  6. There are two types of Dreams. One which has manifested and has been a past experience now. The other one is the dream what we think of it to be in the future.

    In the first, the dream which made us experience – was not called for or was such a bad experience which is not welcome. It is a manipulation of our thoughts and all manipulations are bad as the word itself is self explanatory. Dreams do bring joy but most times it is the opposite, as they are being seen in cut, cut scenes; there was a moment we were seeing such a beautiful thing happening and suddenly it goes away.

    We talk of our thoughts using the word Dream in our day to day life and I feel that is a different thing altogether. These talks of our talks on our thoughts of being a dream rather makes one’s thoughts to affirm and confirm in one’s mind. I feel it is good to talk that way, it helps, don’t you think so? Tomorrow they become the dream or not, that does not matter. When it manifests in real terms one becomes so happy and that is what we express –“My Dreams came true”.

    You have attempted to define Dream and I feel you have done justice.
    How I have done- I mean the definition, Madam!
    Wishing You Sweet Dreams always.

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    • Your first Dream that you speak of sounds more like a Nightmare not a dream…I found it to be confusing and I’m not sure what you are trying to explain. However I do agree that the second Dream is an extension of our thoughts and desires. We dream (desire) to do something and we would like for it to happen and yes when it does we do exclaim My Dreams Came True! Thank you I’m glad you feel I have done it justice. I felt I could have expanded on the subject but was becoming weary and ready for bed so I did not. But I think there is much more to be said about dreams.
      Thank you and may all of your dreams be sweet too!!

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  7. Whenever we have a dream, no matter how small, it leads us someplace new. Maybe because we are paying attention to where we’re going and where we’ve been. Loved the post. in lak’ech, Debra

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    • That is so interesting. I love Taylor Swift and the other night I had a dream that she was in concert nearby and I went to my friend’s house, who was staying there but Taylor Swift!! I was so surprised to see her, but then sat down and had a conversation with her. One of the questions I asked her was how many days a year does she work, she told me 30…I said only 30? She said yes that’s how many days are scheduled when they go on tour!
      I truly admire her and how she had such perseverance from such a young age and she really created herself and is living her “dream”. I do believe she works more than 30 days a year though…although perhaps it’s not “work” but pleasure!! I love what you wrote here, thanks!! Does in lak’ech mean “love”? I see you write that alot and I’m sure it has to do with all that study, just curious. xo

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    • in lak’ech is a maya greeting that means, I am you, you are me. It’s a recognition that we are all One. They greet nature that way too. Very interesting and detailed dream!!! 🙂

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    • Oh thank you for that information, I love that it means that…in lak’ech 🙂
      Yes wasn’t it…I should get a dream interpretation book… 😉

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