Fantasy Football Season.  American football that is.  Yup I’m a fantasy football freak!  My sister and I play together as a team, her name is Donna so we call ourselves the Double D’s.  There are 10 teams in our league and the other 9 teams are men, so it’s really fun to beat them!

We’ve been playing together for 9 years and over that time period we have won 5 trophies.  One for first place, two for second and two for third.  Last year we ended the season in 10th place…I know, I know.

I used to keep myself well-informed on all the players.  I would watch the football draft in April.  I would know who was expected to do well, who was not, if someone was a diva or truly a great player.  I’d know stats, I’d know so much…then menopause hit and it seems my interest has waned.  ff1

I still love the excitement of drafting the players and setting my lineup each week.  The thrill of watching all the fantasy shows and the drama of making those last second tweaks minutes before game time, which most times I regret afterwards!!!

Sunday afternoons are spent nail-biting, screaming, jumping up and down for joy, making promises to you know who if only He allows so and so to score, moping, and questioning why I put myself through this each week!  Oh yes, Sundays are quite emotional!!

So once again, our draft is Monday night and I am crash coursing myself about the players.  Researching who the top picks are, who’s not so hot anymore, who are the expected sleepers, etc.  I do have a few must picks on my list but after that, not so much.

If any of you have advice as to who will be the best wide receivers, running backs, defenders, tight ends, quarterbacks, I’m all ears!  Who should I draft?  ff2


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22 thoughts on “IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN…

  1. Sounds like you and Donna have a lot of fun playing fantasy football! I don’t watch football so I am no help at all! LOL!! Good luck!!

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  2. Rodgers GB quarterback.

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  3. I will ask my sons and report back. One is at a fantasy draft today

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    • Awesome, can’t wait to hear what they have to say and how they did! I’m going to do a couple of mock drafts to see who’s hot and give me some clues!! Thanks Diane!! 🙂


  4. I love this idea of you and your sister, it sure keeps you busy in positive way. Also, it can become a reason of discussion and sharing between you two.
    PJ, is right have fun and win! 🙂

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  5. I played a couple years several years ago. It was soo fun!!! Played online with friends I knew. I miss it!

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