Our Daily Grateful Post Karma (2)


what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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19 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Today I am grateful for my job.

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  2. I’m grateful that the weather is still nice and it isn’t winter yet. LOL! Good morning Deb! I hope you have a magnificent day!! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxo

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  3. Today I am grateful for the opportunity to visit some of my favorite blogs. Have a great day Deb!!! πŸŽ‡πŸ’›πŸŽ‡

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    • Hey Steph…I’ve been wanting to stop by I have a question for you. Do you recommend anything to use for reading books. I saw a piece of equipment it was like a large magnifying glass, rectangle in shape, and it stood on the floor and folded over the arm of the chair or couch and you would place your book under it to read. My mother loves to read but she’s unable to now. She has a computer like machine where she places her bible on it and slides it around to be read on a large monitor but it’s not convenient, so I thought you might know of something. It would need to be really powerful in it’s magnification, thanks!
      Hope you had a great too!! xo πŸ™‚

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    • Hey Deb, it sounds like your mother has a CCTV (closed circuit TV) it’s just a monitor with a camera that magnifies text. I ended up giving mine away because it’s much easier for me to read on my computer or Kindle app with magnification. I also listen to many books via Audible.com however there is a free service through the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) at https://www.loc.gov/nls/ where talking books are provided. I also think you can access them online. Personally I found the CCTV more useful for reading quick items like a business card or a page of text, I would lose patience trying to read a book this way. Do you think your mom would be able to make the transition from reading text to listening to books? For me it took a little time to get used to the idea because I loved reading physical books but now I love listening to them and occasionally reading them by my Kindle app which allows me to magnify the text and I can highlight and make notations. I can do some more digging around for other resources but you might want to start with the NLS because they require documentation from a doctor to gain access due to copyright regulations.

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    • Oh thanks Steph, I will start there. I don’t know about the listening to books I have suggested that before but she has trouble operating devices of course because she cannot see well enough to operate them. I love the Kindle idea I wonder if she would like that, I’ll check that out too! Yes she uses that CCTV to read her bible each morning, but only a few passages as she gets frustrated too. Do the kindles come in different sizes, I know she has the magnification on #7 on that device, not sure how many times that might be, would it actually be 7 times or 700% and if so can a kindle handle that and still be readable? Thank you so much for all your help and suggestions!! xo

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    • I’m not sure what sizes the actual Kindles come in since I just downloaded the app to my computer and cell. The magnification level varies and you also have the ability to choose fonts that could be easier to read. On my 32″ monitor I don’t have to increase the font size as much since I have more space to play with. When reading on my phone since it’s only a 5″ screen I see fewer words at a time but it works well for me. The other options available are changing the background shades and line spacing.

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    • Oh that’s what she could do is download the book to her computer and read it there. She has a big monitor too, she does Facebook on it. I’ll ask her if she would be interested in reading her book from her monitor. So there’s a Kindle App besides just a Kindle? I did not realize that, but that makes sense…thank you again for all this info, I can’t wait to tell her tomorrow. Have a wonderful rest of your night!! xo


    • I’ll have to check the exact magnification level and circle back with you hopefully tomorrow.

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    • No worries, whenever. You’ve been most helpful, I sincerely appreciate it!! xo

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