what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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26 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Ooo that sounds really exciting Debs… ‘trail blaze to where I’m going’ – can’t wait to hear where that is. Change is such an adventure although nerve wracking too.. Enjoy the journey! Mine’s a simple one today – I’m grateful simply to be alive.. x

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    • Yes I’m shifting my frame of mind and attitude. I’m a Libra and starting in September until October 10, 2017 is supposed to be my best year and won’t come around again for 12 years. So it’s time to take advantage in every way. The biggest way I want to take advantage is in mine job, I want to leave it. My plan is to leave next Spring so I need to head in that direction starting now!! There’s nothing simple about being alive and you always live it to the fullest!! Wishing you a magnificent day!!! xo

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    • Wow – it sounds like we’re on a very similar journey Deb. I’m off work currently and am unsure whether I will return or not at this stage.. So a similar period of change and looking at work very differently.. I’ve had a lovely day spent with my granddaughters and beautiful daughter in law – what could be better! I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend too! xx

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    • It does sound like we are on similar paths Wendy. I have been at my job for 20 years and it served me well, but I no longer like working there. Things have changed and it has become a very stressful environment for me, one I am tired of subjecting myself to day in and day out. This is our busiest time of year that is why I am waiting until next Spring. I cannot afford not to work, unless of course I win the lottery which could happen, therefore I do need to find another job. So I will spend this time updating my resume and tell myself each day that the end is near. I hope you are able to find the path that’s right for you. I agree a day spent with granddaughters and daughter-in-law certainly beats working. I wish you success in whatever you choose!! Thank you I always love my weekends! Hope yours was the best too!! xo

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    • Thanks Deb – yep that’s an identical path.. sadly having worked 80 hours per week for the last 2 years, the impact on my health took its toll… Hence me taking some time off sick.. It’s really sad that so many people seem to be feeling work such a stressful environment and companies are losing amazing knowledge and experience – I can’t quit get my head round the benefits for the company.. ahh well… Onward and upward – Sadly I can’t give up work either without a lottery win – I’d better start buying a ticket again – thanks for the reminder! I wish you every success in whatever direction you decide to take and I’m sure it will work out for the best.. Having been pushed to ‘the edge’ with work and the impact on my health, it’s done me a favour as I know I will never go there again – whatever I do my priority will always be my family who I neglected for that period.. never again! I had a brilliant weekend and hope you did too. x

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    • Wow 80 hours is way too much, no wonder your health failed…it was your body saying STOP!!! Thanks goodness it did, life’s too short. I hope you start feeling stronger and better each day and that you find that perfect job!!! One you love doing every day with great pay and minimal hours!!! That’s what I’m shooting for. I had a fun weekend too!! xo Let’s keep our chins up~! πŸ™‚

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    • How could I fail to keep my chin up with lovely people like you Deb sharing your inspiration and reminding what I am VERY grateful for and what is a priority in my life! You’re absolutely right – the perfect job – yep that’s what I’m going to shoot for! One things is for certain – I will NEVER work like that again…must have been mad but I’ve seen the light better late than never!! I’m glad you had a ‘fun’ weekend too and hope you have a brilliant week.. xx

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    • Thanks Wendy, you too! Cheers to us!! 😊 xo

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    • I’ll raise my ‘glass’ to you later Deb (bit early yet here in Manchester! haha) CHEERS xxx


  2. I am grateful to calendar.. thank god it’s Sunday..

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  3. Get it, girl! Meanwhe, I am taking it one day at a time. I know I am too young to think that way, but my anxiety has been acting up lately.

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  4. I’ve lost the trail and have no guide. I made a turn into uncharted territory only to find roadblocks and traps. I’m moving slowly and carefully in the hopes that a month from now I will find some bearings. Rolling on faith.

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  5. Just heard yesterday while discussing something.
    Falling to prepare is preparing to fail.
    What a coincidence.

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  6. michelle213norton

    I’m going on a trip to a little cabin in the woods! Looking forward to the hottub!! It’s perfect timing!

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  7. Ooh you mean lessons of failure.πŸ€‘

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  8. I’m grateful for a restful, beautiful day πŸ™‚

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  9. This is a great saying and so true. Everything I am at this point in my life is the result of the accumulation of my past experiences. I really believe that we go through things – good and bad – so we are prepared for something God has waiting for us.
    I am grateful to you for the reminder.

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