I walked into my bathroom tonight to get a band-aid for my cracked fingertip, which I have year round, ugh!  As I entered the bathroom I was greeted with this:


This tissue was sitting on the counter just as you see it.  What does this mean?  Hmmm, I do believe in ghosts and angels and I know I didn’t put it there, so what’s its purpose?

This fascinates me.  The formation is quite interesting, wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe “they” left it there just to make me laugh and wonder and post about it!!

I was just thinking tonight that it had been a while since I had posted something besides my daily posts and had decided I wanted to write about something.  Perhaps this was my angels’ way of helping me.

Thank you my angels!!

Here’s more


(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

29 thoughts on “WHEN IS A TISSUE NOT A TISSUE?

  1. That’s pretty cool! I think it was an angel! You have a guardian angel! 🙂 I use to have a HUGE problem with cracked finger tips and I started wearing gloves (non latex because latex cracked my fingers too!) when I do my cleaning with cleaning products. Also, I stopped using Dawn Antibacterial Dishsoap and started drinking only bottled water (public water has too much chloride in it). I rarely have cracked finger tips anymore!

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  2. Fascinating and definitely not a standard tissue, that’s for sure. It reminded me of a manicured serviette we sometimes folded for dinner parties. Hmm, angels, parties … who knows? xo

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  3. It’s a tiny tent for miniature campers! 😀

    Have you tried coconut oil on your fingertips? That sounds so painful! I know lavender essential oil will numb the pain but yikes, it can’t be fun to live with that. 😦

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    • Lol I love that!! No I haven’t, but I will now. It is painful and with going into the dry season it gets worse. Thanks for the suggestion and the laugh! 😁

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    • I had a callus on my wrist from using a mouse a lot, and I used coconut oil on it regularly for several weeks and it went away. Now I have to use a wristband to protect my wrist because it’s must softer than before, lol. Win one lose one! 🙂

      I hope it works even better for you!

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    • Hmm that’s interesting, I use a mouse all day long. Talk about painful, that must have really been sore!! I’m going to pick some up today, I hope it works too!! Thanks again. 🙂

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  4. michelle213norton

    If you don’t eat any fish (salmon and tuna in particular,) I suggest a krill oil supplement. When I notice my skin doing that (I work with food so I wash often and repeatedly) I just up my Omega 3’s. Works like a charm!!

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  5. Well, if it’s angels doing this, my angel is a prankster. Why? Well, because there are times when there’s no toilet paper left and I didn’t notice it. 😉

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