what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

Recipe:  One box cook & serve – not instant – chocolate pudding,
one box cook & serve – not instant – vanilla pudding,
3-1/2 cups whole milk, over medium heat slowly add pudding to
milk stirring constantly until it boils, set aside and let cool for
5 minutes stir once while cooling.  Pour into pre-cooked pie crust,
refrigerate for 4 hours.  Top with whipped cream if desired.
(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

38 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. That looks awesome. I’m making double chocolate cashew nut fig brownies this evening. (Gluten and egg-free of course.) I have been a good girl all week. Have a great weekend.

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    • Thank you, I think it’s my favorite pie. Mmmmm anything that starts with double chocolate has to be delicious!! Well since you have been so good then I would say you are entitled to a few!! Thanks SB, wishing you a wonderful weekend too! xo

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  2. Oh yummo!!! I’ll be over in a jiffy 😉 xx

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  3. Oh yum, thus looks delicious Deb. I’ve literally just taken a Spanish Tea Cake out of the oven for my sisters birthday tomorrow. I’m grateful for a busy but very productive day, Hugs xo

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    • Thank you. What’s in a Spanish Tea Cake? My niece’s birthday is tomorrow too! Busy but productive is good…and sometimes lazy and non-productive is good too!! 😉 Hugs xo

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    • A Spanish Tea Cake is one of the easiest cakes to make and there’s not much in it 3 eggs, olive oil, caraway seeds, milk, flour, sugar. Very light and moist. I found the recipe years ago and it became one of mum’s favorite cakes. ☕️
      Happy birthday to your niece. Hope she has a lovely day.🎈

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    • Sounds delicious! The perfect compliment to tea. Thank you and wish your sister a happy birthday from me. Enjoy your cake, tea, family and festivities!! xo

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    • Thanks so much Deb. It’s been a lovely day and the cake was delicious. Mind you, it’s foolproof! 😊

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  4. YUM! It looks delicious! (And, I’m sure it tasted delicious too!) Sounds like an easy recipe too. Good morning Deb! I hope you have a relaxing and fantastic day! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxo

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  5. Oh delicious and yummy, nice picture background!!

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  6. That looks yummy! I’ll top mine with a large dollop of whip cream. Love that stuff and I am grateful for the extra long weekend. 🙂

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  7. Great post! Chocolate pie is the best.

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  8. WOW! that’s looks delicious and I am copying that recipe right now!

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