Always remember how much you matter!  Take care of yourself as you would someone you love very much.  For some reason we are very good at giving others great advice or even taking such great care of others, but neglect ourselves.  It’s so important for you to let your self know that you care about you, that you matter to you and that you are going to take care of you.

You know it’s time TO HONOR YOURSELF and let go when:

what used to make you feel happy now makes you feel sad.

what used to make you feel good now makes you feel bad.

what used to make you feel excited now makes you feel dread.

what used to make you feel satisfied now makes you feel drained.


Don’t be afraid of new beginnings.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown.

Don’t be afraid of failing, because you won’t, believe in you!

If you’re not happy where you are now then it’s time to honor yourself and let go of what no longer serves you!  You CAN do it, you will succeed and be fine and probably way happier than you are now!  You’ve waited long enough, the time is now!

If you hate to go to bed at night because it means the next morning will come and you will have to face another undesirable day then it’s time for letting go!  Rid yourself of whatever it is that is causing you such pain and distress.  You don’t deserve it, you would tell others the same if they were in your position, so listen, take care of yourself, do what is necessary to be happy again.  Life is too short and God did not intend for us to live an unhappy life.

Honor yourself.  How?  By listening to you and if something is making you unhappy, change it.  Comfort yourself, care about how you are feeling and let yourself know that you matter, you are going to change the situation and that you will once again be joyous and look forward to each morning and night!

My friend, it’s time for letting go!

It’s time to Honor Yourself!!


(c) onceuponahotflash, 2o16

24 thoughts on “~ HONOR YOURSELF ~

  1. This is great advice 🙂

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  2. This is so very true, Deb! Great advice!

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  3. Deb this is a post much needed, much to be practised, much to be known, much to be spread, much to be thought of, much to be….
    Honoring oneself is not easy, is not a joke, is not a thing to understand just like that, is not an action to practice it overnight, is not a…
    It is a puzzle
    It is a confusion
    It is a simple act
    It is a….
    Yet, one should Honor Oneself.
    I adore this post and my full marks.
    My Deb, My Pats

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    • Aww thanks Shiva, I appreciate your kind words!! Yes it is very important to Honor yourself and not take it lightly!! We deserve the honor from our self to our self!


  4. This is a description of where I was in March this year… I’ve spent the last 9 months climbing back up and finally I feel like myself again! Thanks Deb – great post! x

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  5. Deb, someone needs to hear this message. Well, I guess it was me…lol. I don’t carve out enough time for myself. Guilty as charged! When I feel drained, I get a little mad at myself, but I tell ya, there’s nothing like a good massage or a trip to the salon to lift my spirits. 🙂 Great post! ❤

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    • Thanks Michelle!! Oh massage…I haven’t had one in a while, I was getting them on a regular basis for a while a few years ago…it was wonderful! I’m way overdue!! I’m as guilty as you are and need to listen to my own advice…which I intend to do!! Make more time for you…you more than anyone else deserve it!! xo

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  6. Excellent message….especially during this busy season. It always seems easier to do for everyone else and forget ourselves.

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