what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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14 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. This is so true! Learning to appreciate even the small things makes life happier and brighter. Good morning Deb! I hope you have a spectacular day! And.. it’s FRIDAY! πŸ˜€ ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxo

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  2. I can’t really add to that one Deb.. It say’s it all! Perfect thought for the weekend.. I hope you have a brilliant one… I’m off to Xmas Pantomime on Sunday with 2 very excited girlies.. (well 3 including me!) xx

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    • Sounds like a fabulous way to spend the weekend, enjoy!! Thank you, we’re expecting snow for tomorrow so my plan is to just relax, maybe not even get dressed (haven’t done that in years) and write out all my Christmas cards!! xo

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    • Wowzy – that sounds like a ‘perfect day’ building up to Xmas.. It’s pretty mild here in the UK and a bit ‘foggy’ here in Manchester today so a bit of a ‘gloomy day’ but I also need to write my Xmas Cards so we’re sharing activities but sadly not the weather.. I’d love to see some snow for Xmas but don’t think that’s happening here.. x

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    • It is quite scenic looking right now, the snow is falling and it’s quiet and peaceful out. Do you ever get snow? Tomorrow it’s going to warm up to the 50s so it will all melt and create fog, so I’ll have your weather tomorrow! Happy card writing!! xo

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    • Ooo how lovely.. We do get snow but it usually arrives after Xmas and normally only lasts for a short time but every 3 or 4 years we seem to get a much colder spell where the snow can last for a few weeks and causes mayhem on the roads! It’ still foggy here so I suspect we are ‘sharing weather’… naughty naughty though… I never got round to those cards which are still sat waiting… oops! x

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    • It was quite scenic and knowing I didn’t have to go out in it made it all that more enjoyable!! I did get my cards done, you still have tomorrow… πŸ˜‰ xo

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    • It sounds like a wonderful scene to be looking out on in the run up to Xmas… From the cosy indoors! x

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