O star of wonder, star of night,
Star of royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect light!

what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

(c) onceuponahotflash, 2016

19 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. My family and this time off from work for Christmas and New Year. Amongst other things things.

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  2. Beautiful picture! I am grateful for Christmas! Good morning Deb! I hope you have a magnificent day today! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxo

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  3. I am grateul that Ruby is okay!!

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  4. I am grateful I can stand outside and look at the stars and know the Treasure of Bethlehem came to this earth for me. May you have a blessed Christmas Deb!

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  5. I love this! And I love your new seasonal decorations! πŸ˜€ The header looks great!

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  6. Oh! That wonderful star.
    Can you give some details of that Star.
    I am sure you are making preparations for the Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to You Deb! and Family.

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    • That Star led the three wise men to Bethlehem and Baby Jesus. Do you celebrate Christmas? Or something similar?
      Thank you for your Christmas wishes!!

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    • Deb!I know that story of the three wise men who were directed by the star to the place where Jesus was born.
      I wanted to know does that star is still to be seen in any constellation or does it appear during Christmas. Some mythologies that proclaim of certain things are certain facts till now.
      I am feeling that I am bothering you about this during the Christmas festival. It is today only that you have the mass at 12 midnight.
      While in school I had many friends who were Christians and I used to go to their place, relish the sweets and other dishes. Now they have moved to far off places even to the US, some are not to be traceable. When it comes to You I get to remember them at times. During this time of the year we do not have anything to celebrate except to see and observe the celebrations of fellow Christians.
      Like all over the world we all have fun on the 31st Dec night being the last day of the year.
      I only wish you have lots of fun, laugh, relish and meet all of your loved ones during this festival and the holidays.

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    • Thank you Shiva! I do not know the answer to your question, but it is certainly something worth following up on. I always felt the North Star was the representation of the Christmas Star, and if so then the answer of course would be yes it still does appear. Yes there is much celebration, joy, love and kindness that is shared at this time of year. My wish is that it carries throughout every day of the year and not only at Christmas. That’s the true meaning and what we should all strive for. I’m glad that I remind you of your friends from the past and that it brings up treasured memories for you!
      Yes then there is New Year’s Eve and Day where we look forward to new beginnings.
      I appreciate your well wishes and thank you!!

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    • Deb! In a few minutes from now you shall have the midnight mass.
      You took the time to answer me, I just πŸ’˜ love that. Yes as you say it does carry some meaning and it shall be visible I mean the 🌟 star even now.
      I understand your heart, it should be through out the year. That is the purpose of these festivals and celebrations. Our ancestors were much more intelligent you see. They have formed these get togethers in case if we had to forget.
      Yes you are the reflection of my past and the future maybe Deb!
      Now be busy with your present.
      Be happy always.

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    • Actually Shiva when you wrote this it was almost Noontime here, right now it is 7:30 pm, so midnight has not yet come.
      Yes these celebrations are to remind us what it most important in the world and that is to love each other!
      Thank you I shall be celebrating soon and I will send out a wish to the Star that you and your family are blessed now and always!!


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