what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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22 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Let me first get the One Billion Dollars, I shall be grateful.
    Then the One shall multiply on its own.

    My closest friend who is no more had always kept telling- ‘Lakshmi ‘- the Goddess of Money tells which many do not know – ” First make and earn the First One then shall I make (rather multiply) the next for you”.
    Poor friend of mine before he could make the First One he closed his eyes and now keeps calling me to come as fast and join. Haha
    Oh! My Krishna!!!! that is his name.
    Superb! Please tell Me when shall get your Billion Dollars Please!

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    • Well I have less than a billion but would be grateful to Lakshmi if she would multiply and continue to multiply what I do have…eventually I would reach a billion!
      I will certainly tell you when I get my Billion!!
      And may Krishna rest in and at peace!

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    • Thanks for the wishes for my Krishna.
      Actually it goes like this -“Make One the rest I shall make” maybe she will put the zeros in front of the One 1000000000…….
      So making that One itself is so difficult.
      We have to understand here, what and how much is that One.
      It happens with all who have made enormous amount of 💰 Money.
      It just goes on multiplying.
      I hope you have understood. Deb!

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    • I have understood and once again it supports my Law of Attraction stance. Those who have made enormous amount of money have no want for it so they have no road blocks for the money to come to them. Those who have not made a lot of money wish they had more and acknowledging the lack of money reinforces the lack of money…do you understand that concept?


  2. That’s not too much to ask for! I want a billion dollars too. LOL! Except that I don’t buy lottery tickets so I don’t know how I would get it. Good morning Deb! I hope you have a billionious day!! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxox

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    • LOL!! Well if I win billions in the lottery than I will give you one billion and that’s how you will get it!!! Good evening PJ! Thank you. My day was filled with riches. I hope your day was rewarding too!! ((HUGS!!)) xoxo 🙂


  3. Hahahaha, I don’t believe it is 😄😄

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  4. A billion dollars! 💥💰Perhaps in my dreams Deb. Wouldn’t we all want that. Then again, there are some things that money just can’t buy. Have a wonderful day my friend. xo

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    • You are right Miri there are some things that money can’t buy…but there so much it can too!! Especially a billion dollars!!! HA! I know, the best things in life are free…but a billion dollars should would help to enjoy them all the time. Hope you are having a memorable time this week!! Hugs. xo 🙂

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    • Hey Deb, you’re so right. Having a bit of $$$ sure would take the pressure off. 😊 At the moment I’m enjoying a very relaxing summer weeks holiday. I’m still camping by the river (until Friday) with hub and tomorrow we’re hitting the wineries and gourmet places of the area so looking forward to it. 😊🍷 Hugs xo

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    • I’ve been following you on Instagram and checking out your pics, looks so wonderful…soak it up and absorb the peace and relaxation and contentment of it all, so that you can travel back to it in your mind when you have a not so great day in the future!!! Cherish. Hugs!! xo


  5. I’d like to get a billion things out of my house, so today I’ll be grateful for every bit of decluttering I manage to do.

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  6. I’ll send you my signature Deb…10 years from now, it’ll be worth Billion $$$ LOL! 😊 Have an awesome day!

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    • I love the way you think Nina..please send it…I shall treasure it and wait for it to become the treasure!!! Wishing you a sensational day too!! 🙂



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