what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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35 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Deb,
    Were you worried about something ? Glad you are well.

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  2. I am grateful that I can open my eyes today- everyday for the past week, my eyelids have felt heavy and droopy and I have been so tired and have been drinking tea with sugar for strength.
    Today I did not. I think I am well again.

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  3. Today I am grateful for your blog. It reminds me that no matter how bad a day/week might be, there is still at least one thing to be grateful for. I’ll get back to you, maybe.

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  4. Today I’m grateful for all my blogging connections and meeting one of them in person. Hope you’re well. Big hugs Deb xo

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  5. My children and grandchildren moved in with us this weekend and so far so good.

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  6. I’m grateful for rain. It rained last night and it is suppose to be a mixture of snow and rain today. I’m not looking forward to snow but the rain is nice! Good morning, Deb! I hope you have a snow wonderful day!! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxo

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    • I’m glad you are enjoying your rain..hope you have more rain than snow today!! Good evening PJ! Thank you, hee hee…I did have a snow wonderful day. It was quite pretty on my drive into work looking at all the trees all covered in snow and the sun gleaming off the snow. I hope you had a happy day! ((HUGS!!)) xoxo 🙂


  7. I join Priceless Joy this morning in being grateful for a gentle rain overnight. Always welcomed in the high desert. The sharp, clean, pungent smell of the creosote bushes fills the air following rain. Always a delight to wake up to. All my best to you, Deb. 🐞

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  8. I am grateful the days almost done!😋

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  9. Today I’m grateful that God speaks to me as reminders that he is on the move. ❤

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  10. I am also grateful for “okay”. I don’t need fantastic or amazing……I will be happy with “okay”! I find when I am grateful for the okays, life is so much better.

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  11. It’s okay now that I am home with Garfield and Baebae on Saturday.

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