I have great admiration for sewers (not the underground pipes that drain away water, although now that I think about it, I do admire, or perhaps it’s appreciate, them too) no, those who sew with needles and machines.  I can sew buttons and hems.  I’ve even made an A-line skirt in high school, it didn’t really fit right but the material was pretty!!  I digress, to me it’s an art, a skill.  I also admire knitters, again I’ve crocheted and knitted my fair amount of scarves and potholders, but never graduated to afghans (not the hound) or anything as great.

I wonder though, and this is my question today, do they or anyone EVER use that piece of thread that is included when you buy clothing?  I can’t bring myself to toss it.  I have a bag full of threads to clothes I probably don’t even have anymore.  When I first see the packaged piece of thread I think, fantastic!, but only for a moment, then I think huh, I’ll never ever use this piece of thread.  Is it even enough?  What am I to use it for?  A hole?  A tear?  A hem?  Not sure.  And then, I go add it to my bag of other threads and get on with my day!!

Please tell me, have you ever used that piece of thread?  If so, I admire you too!!  🙂

Wishing you a threadful day!



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41 thoughts on “THREADFUL!

  1. No. LOL! I have never used that thread!

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  2. I don’t even know what that thread is…hahaha, but I enjoyed the narrative! My mother was a seamstress. It’s how she kept us alive after our father died…I was five at the time. She was amazing. I still remember her cutting out the material laid out on the living room floor. She pinned the pattern and cut with those large jagged toothed pinking shears. K-k-krunch, k-k-krunch, over and over. I loved it. Thanks a ton for jogging that memory.

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    • Oh wow, what an amazing story! I remember pinning the pattern to the material and then cutting it out too. I bet your Mom was very talented especially since she made a living at it! It was my pleasure jogging your memory!! Thanks, oh and by the way that thread goes to a black & gray sweater I bought. 😉

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  3. I thought it was like a color chip that you can see how paint would look in your house. 😉 I have regretted throwing out the spare button in sport coats in the past, but never the thread.

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  4. Hahaha! I sew all the time, but I have never used those threads! I take the buttons out and throw the threads away. 🙂

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  5. I don’t remember getting thread; just buttons. Occasionally the buttons have been useful.

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  6. I have never seen the thread but the buttons- I must confess, my husband does use them to sew buttons back on his shirts.
    I have never used the buttons for my clothes.
    But how about the thread and buttons we get at hotels or on a flight ?

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  7. Oh my word Deb!! That is too too funny! I keep the buttons in a jar but I think my thread eventually gets tossed outside for the birds to use in nests. If you do that make sure to cut into very short pieces so they don’t get tangled in it. Maybe you could make the guiness world book of records for most thread kept?

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  8. Never! I’ve never used any of them and I used to keep them all too but not anymore. Not even the buttons that come with them. Just recently in fact I got ruthless and threw them all out. The threads that is. 😏

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  9. Hi Deb, how are you? Hope you are well. ❤ None of the clothes I bought come with a pack of thread. It’s not common in Singapore. 😄

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  10. Such a profound question deserves an equally profound answer but I’m all out today😆. I have never, ever used the thread, buttons or yarn (for sweaters) and I too also used to hang on to them for, you know, just in case. It’s only been in recent years that I toss them when I remove the tags.

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  11. I have never used that thread, but because people know I’m crafty for some reason they give it to me all the time! I never know what to do with them…

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