what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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24 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Grateful for catching up with friends from previous travels.

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  2. Today I am grateful for gardens and the sweet smell of wet soil. I’m grateful for the cardinals singing in my garden trees and the soft wind blowing around them. Today I’m grateful for positive people like you who remind me to be mindful of my thoughts. πŸ™‚

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    • Hey Diane how are you? Hope all is well!! Yesterday I was sitting in my backyard watching a cardinal feed at the feeder and I video-taped it, put it on facebook. Oh thank you for your kind words. I must pop over, it’s been so long!! Hope school is going great, are you on school break this week? πŸ™‚

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    • Nope…just along Easter weekend. Looking forward to the break. You must be thinking of my cousin Diane, I’m a Debra just like you. Oneta does the same thing. Love seeing your grateful posts every day.

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    • I’m so sorry….you know, in my mind I said Debra, I even popped over to your site because I wanted to be sure, then I read some comments and it must have been Oneta and she wrote Diane so I thought huh, guess it’s Diane. Isn’t that funny….Thanks Deb for your thoughtful words. Well I hoped you enjoyed your long weekend!! πŸ˜‰


  3. Beautiful post Deb. May we all have happy sails where ever we travel. For you my dear friend I wish the year ahead bring you sunshine skies and smooth sailing. And for your sister that she have the best time in the world with lots of wonderful adventures ahead. Today I’m grateful for our connection and friendship and for the inspiration that you always give to me. Big sunny hugs xo

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    • Thanks Mims! Yes happy sails to all of us! She is posting her journey on a website http://www.imaginetoo.com, if you’re ever interested in reading about it. Imagine Too is the name of the boat, isn’t that cool? I too am so grateful for our connection, I really missed you so much while you were away camping. Just seeing your comments or posts is so comforting. Thank you for your kind words as always. Big smooth sailing hugs to you!! xo

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    • That’s awesome Deb, I’ll have to go and check out her blog at some stage. What an adventure they have ahead of them. So fantastic and yes maybe one day Doug and I might follow in their footsteps. At least we have our six week adventure coming up in June, yikes, that’s just around the corner. Why do I feel as though it might be slightly life changing? Hmm, don’t know but I feel as though changes are afoot. Maybe that’s just what I need. Big big hugs to you my gorgeous friend. xo

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    • June is just around the corner…yikes is right! Well there is something going on astrologically that I was reading about regarding a feeling of change going on and a feeling of being overwhelmed, so let’s just throw that into the pot too! We are constantly expanding so to change is to expand and desires are being met, so it’s an exciting time, even if a little scary!! Yes let’s embrace change…change is going to be great for us this year! Both of our situations are going to change…for the better! Big expanding hugs back my lovely lady!! xo


  4. This post made me smile….my sister in laws and I are contemplating going on a cruise for a sister/niece bonding time this winter. Never been on one but it has been on my bucket list.
    Grateful for sister in laws, daughter in laws and nieces!

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  5. Lovely photo and wishes…sending them right back to you! Returning home late last night, I’m so grateful on waking to see the sun shining on the wonderful blooming flowers and trees, a broom a spectacular firework of pink, the lilac stunning in light purple flowers and the cherry tree so pretty dressed as if ready for a party! What a delight this morning.

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    • Oh my Annika, your description sounds gorgeous! Spring is such a pretty time of year, especially after Winter’s barren look. We always appreciate Spring due to Winter. Thanks for the wishes back!! Hope you enjoyed your marvelous day!! πŸ™‚

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  6. Are you on a tour…
    I shall see your other song a challenge posts in leisure time….
    I am still thinking and choosing the songs I want to in the challenge, but they will all be Indian… maybe one of the bests…
    Singing a Song your way…
    I am sure you heard…Deb

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    • I would love to be on tour, what fun that would be!! That’s fine, come and listen when you have time. I’m not sure if I have heard Singing a Song your way, but will find out when you do your posts. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Shiva!! πŸ™‚

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    • Right now I am travelling and these days I avoid or pass it on to my employees.

      Yes I would love to travel, I just enjoy it and I forget what day it is. I would want to travel like not knowing what day, month or year just go on and on. Going places, countries, hillsides, cities, cruising, driving, beaches, crowded, silent, meditative, all sorts no matter how much money goes maybe till it gets exhausted… Hahaha.
      Meeting people of different cultures, languages, what fun that it would be…
      Deb I am enjoying it here in my daughter’s place with her…
      Like you just looking for an opportunity to get rid of things….πŸ˜‰
      Let the forth coming Sunday bring you all the joy…

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    • My sister is doing exactly that. She retired two weeks ago and set sail in her boat to travel what is called The Great Loop. Her boat is one that you can sleep on so she is living on it and traveling up the east coast of America into Canada, west thru Canada, south through America and then east back to where she started in Florida. It will take her a year to do. She, her girlfriend and their dog are taking this trip. How marvelous and free is that?
      I’m glad you are enjoying yourself at your daughter’s place.
      Wishing you a joyous week ahead!!

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