what are you grateful for ~ please share…

Thank you!

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16 thoughts on “OUR DAILY GRATEFUL POST!

  1. Very beautiful. Miss you at my site. Hope to have you there too💙

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  2. Grateful to a fellow blogger for looking after us after a flight mix-up today.

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  3. Oh there really is Deb – I love this time of year with all the blossom appearing… beautiful! Today – I’m grateful that I’ve managed to go ‘self hosted’ and that the transition has gone very smoothly so far! Phew…. xx

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    • Isn’t it just so gorgeous…I love this time of year too!! Wow good for you Wendy, I tried doing that last year but all my pics for my posts weren’t going to transfer and I have so many that I decided to stay put! Glad yours went without a hitch!! xo

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    • Did you conact WordPress.. te company that helped m with t transfer have ben fab. There was a slight glitch when I noticed only half the posts had transferred and they sorted it within just a few hours. They have to have the credit for brilliant service and the smooth transition… Pipdig.com xx

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    • No I was attempting it on my own. I did see that they would help but then I decided not to do it. So happy you had such good luck with them. Wishing you a lovely day Wendy. xo

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    • Thanks Deb and if you do decide to give it a whirl again then I can recommend Pipdig – they were recommended to me and it was so easy! xx

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    • Thanks Wendy, I appreciate your recommendation!! xo

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    • You’re very welcome! x

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  4. Hey Deb, could not help but nominated you for a sunshine blogger award (https://lifeasiinterpret.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/sunshine-blogger-award-nominated-and-nominating/). Thanks for this video clip today – I find trees magical and this video reflects that pretty good!

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  5. Extremely lovely. Miss you at my site. Would like to have you there as well…


  6. Deb I couldn’t see the video fully as the net was causing some trouble, it seems to be give a new breeze of life…

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    • Yes the willow and her blossomed limbs were swaying in the breeze. I found it so magical and enchanting!! Definitely a new breeze of life as Spring is here with all its new beginnings. 🙂

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